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Paperless Is Not a Pedagogy

Alice Keeler

Add-Ons and Templates

Hi I’m Alice Keeler, a Google Developer Expert. I like to code! I code using Google Apps Script to make Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, etc… even better! NONE of my Add-ons collect any user data. You are always only authorizing YOURSELF access to your own documents and Google Drive. Most of my Add-ons are free. Unfortunately, I am unable to customize or provide tech support on the free Add-ons. For support, premium features, and tech support please consider becoming a Premium Member.


This is one of my favorite things I have ever coded! It copies a graphic organizer for each student on your roster within the same spreadsheet. YES! This Add-on has been verified by Google! Install and use the Add-on menu for any spreadsheet. The roster needs to be on the first tab and the graphic organizer on the second tab.


Filter your spreadsheet data easily into individual tabs. Data probably from a Google Form, choose the column in the sidebar to sort the data into tabs. This Add-on IS verified by Google.

NOT Verified by Google

NONE of my Add-ons collect user data. You only authorize YOURSELF to have access to your own Google Drive and Google files. You will need to authorize the Add-on. You will get a warning that the Add-on has not been verified by Google. I have NOT submitted them to Google. You will get the unverified warning each time. You may get a button that says “Return to safety.” Do not click on this. Instead, click on “Advanced” and then it warns you that it is unsafe to authorize Add-ons from people you do not know. I, Alice Keeler, personally coded these. They are safe.

Reuse GC for Google Classroom

I manage my Google Classrooms using Reuse GC. This is a Google Sheets spreadsheet that allows me to reuse multiple assignments at once. It also allows me to create new assignments. Assignments created from the spreadsheet can be auto scored. This has premium features.

Discussion Tab

Want to facilitate a discussion with your student virtually or in person? Start by giving student an opportunity to respond digitally. This gives students sufficient wait time (5 seconds is too short to let EVERYONE think) and an opportunity to let everyone’s ideas guide the conversation rather than just the first students to raise their hand. Plan out the questions in advance on the first sheet. Run Discussion Tab from the Add-on menu to create a tab for each question in the spreadsheet. The question on the sheet is LOCKED DOWN! Invite students to choose a “square” and type their response in the cell.

Multiple Forms

Make life easier by having your Forms all go to the same spreadsheet.


ScriptDescriptionLinkQuick Link
 RosterTab Take a list of names of topics and create a named tab in a spreadsheet for each name in the list. Click Herealicekeeler.com/rostertab
 RosterTab2 Same as the above RosterTab but adds additional functionality to email student the link to their tab. Use the Add-On menu.tinyurl.com/rostertab2
 TemplateTab Create a graphic organizer or template and create a copy of the template on a different sheet for each name or topic in a list.Click Here alicekeeler.com/templatetab
 RubricTab Template of a Rubric to allow you to quickly assess each student against the rubric. This is a specific use case of the TemplateTab script. Click Here and Click Herealicekeeler.com/rubrictab2
 MarkAsGraded Change the document title of student Google Docs to include Click Heretinyurl.com/markasgraded
 FilterRoster Filter your Google Form for each student by creating a tab for each student and viewing their information on their own tab. Click Herealicekeeler.com/filterroster
 DiscussionTab Create a spreadsheet for collaborative discussions. Each discussion topic on its own tab. Click Herealicekeeler.com/discussiontab
 Discussion Board If you have been wanting a solution for discussion boards within Google Docs, this spreadsheet allows you to create multiple discussion boards. Click Herealicekeeler.com/discussionboard
 TurnInTab Students do work on a spreadsheet and turn in their tab to teacher. Teacher has ONE spreadsheet with a tab from each student Click Herealicekeeler.com/turnintab
 Make Copies – A LOT Makes a LOT of copies of a Google Doc quickly. Click Here tinyurl.com/copydocscript
 ListRubrics Create a list of a lot of rubrics quickly. Click Here alicekeeler.com/listrubrics
 PDF my Folder Create a PDF of all the files in your folder. (Makes it easier to print all your files at once) Click Here alicekeeler.com/pdfmyfolder
 Teacher Newsletter Create personalized weekly newsletters for students and parents Click Here tinyurl.com/keelernewsletter
 Bathroom Sign Out Create a spreadsheet to use to have students sign out and into bathroom Click Here tinyurl.com/bathroomsignout
 Grade the Folder Make a list of assignments in a Google Drive folder. Set their grading status and the document is renamed Click Here tinyurl.com/gradethefolder
 Google Docs: Make Copies Make multiple copies quickly of a Google Doc Click Here tinyurl.com/copytextdoc
 Group Maker Randomly assign your students to groups. Choose your group size Click Here alicekeeler.com/groupmaker
 Google Classroom: List Docs Create a list of all of the documents students have submitted through Google Classroom. Creates a list for each assignment. Click Here alicekeeler.com/showdocs
 Google Classroom: List Docs 2 Create a list of all of the documents students have submitted through Google Classroom. Creates a SINGLE list of all the documents for all the assignments. Click Here alicekeeler.com/listdocs
 Google Classroom: Create Group Docs Copy a Google Doc template you create for each group. Shares the group doc with group members and adds group member names to the doc title. Click Here alicekeeler.com/groupdocs
 Spelling Activity Activity to practice spelling words Click Here tinyurl.com/kylespelling
 Make Folders Create a Google Drive folder for each student on your roster. The folder is shared with the student explicitly. Click Here alicekeeler.com/makefolders
 List Scramble Take a vocabulary (or other) list and create random subsets of the list. Click Here alicekeeler.com/listscramble
 Comment MakerEmail each student a note quickly. Click Here alicekeeler.com/commentmaker
 Send Comments Create a spreadsheet for each student on your roster. Use this template to push comments to each students spreadsheet. Reuse to keep pushing comments to student spreadsheet. Great for students who do not have email. Click Here alicekeeler.com/sendcomments
 Agenda Doc Create a Google Form from a list of agenda items. Merge participant responses into agenda document. Click Here alicekeeler.com/agendadoc
 Create a Form Quickly create a Google Form. Click Here alicekeeler.com/form
 Voice Type a Form Use voice typing to create a Google Form. Click Here alicekeeler.com/docform
 Student Critique Allow for peer evaluation of Google Docs. Change the sharing settings on a folder of student work to allow for commenting. Click Here alicekeeler.com/studentcritique
 Simple Quest Get started with a quest game. Click Here alicekeeler.com/simplequest
 Start coding math Have students get started learning to code. Edit the code to accomplish math challenges. Click Here alicekeeler.com/startmathscript
Let’s Play Help students get on the same document faster to play a collaborative Google Apps game or assignment. Click Here alicekeeler.com/letsplay
Picker If you’re already coding Google Apps Script and want an advanced template for having a Google Drive Picker. Click Here alicekeeler.com/picker
 Collaborative make Google Forms Collaboratively create multiple choice questions on a spreadsheet and easily create a Google Form. Also, just a fast way to make a multiple choice Google Form. Click Here alicekeeler.com/letsmakeaform
 Pull the Paragraph Have students do a task on a Google text document. To evaluate it as if they had filled out a Google Form, this extracts all the paragraphs to a spreadsheet. Leave feedback and push it back to the Google Doc. Click Here alicekeeler.com/pulltheparagraph
 Note Taker Automatically create a rough draft out of your notes. List sources and notes in spreadsheet and push to a Google Doc. Click Here alicekeeler.com/notetaker
 Random Winner Add-on for Google Forms to choose a random winner from submissions. Click Here alicekeeler.com/randomwinner
 Self Reflecting Reading Have students reflect on their reading by filling out this Google Form. Click Here alicekeeler.com/selfreflectingreading
 Branching Form Quickly create a template for a branching Form. Click Here alicekeeler.com/branchingform
 Periods for TemplateTab Create your TemplateTab for multiple rosters all at once. Click Here alicekeeler.com/templatetabperiods
 Calendar Script Extract event information between a date range from your Google Calendar. Click Here alicekeeler.com/calscript
 Copy Docs per student If you are not a Google Classroom user and want to create copies of Google Docs for your students this simplifies the process. Click Here alicekeeler.com/copydocsstudents
 Copy Docs per classCreate a copy of a template per class or group Click Here alicekeeler.com/copydocsclasses
 Lesson Plan Book Collaborate on lesson plans. Create a copy of a template and share with collaborators. Click Here alicekeeler.com/createlessonplans
 Doc to Spreadsheet Take a list of student Google Docs and list the content in a spreadsheet. Click Here alicekeeler.com/getdocs
 Pull the Paragraph 2 Leave feedback per paragraph without ever opening a student Google Doc. Click Here alicekeeler.com/pulltheparagraph2
 TemplateTab Plus Evaluate each student on a rubric you design and email them the results. Click Here alicekeeler.com/templatetabplus
 Yohaku Create a unique Yohaku puzzle for your students. Click Here alicekeeler.com/yohaku
 Word Search For fun, design your own word searches Click Here alicekeeler.com/wordsearch
 Email Parents Create an email and send it to each parent on your parent roster. Include a personal note about each student. Click Here alicekeeler.com/emailparent
 List of Newsletters If you have a folder in Google Drive with newsletters, this will create a list of them. Click Here alicekeeler.com/listofnewsletters
 Worksheet Game Make a game of your worksheet questions. Use the grader to make giving feedback easier. Click Here alicekeeler.com/worksheetgame and alicekeeler.com/worksheetgamegrader
 NumberDocs Remove the previous assignment number from document title and append a new one. Click Here alicekeeler.com/numberdocs
 Delete Calendars Quickly delete multiple Google Calendars (possibly created by Google Classroom). Click Here alicekeeler.com/deletecal
 Form to Slides Send Form responses to individual Google Slides presentations. Click Here alicekeeler.com/formtoslides
 Doc to Slides Send text from a Google Doc to Google Slides Click Here alicekeeler.com/doctoslides
 Roster to Slides Take your roster in a Google Sheets and create a slide per student in Google Slides Click Here alicekeeler.com/rostertoslides
 GameBoard Google Slides gameboard template with dice. Click Here alicekeeler.com/slidesgameboard
 Dice Slides Create a game in Google Slides with built in dice. Click Here alicekeeler.com/diceslides
 FirstSlide For journals, students add a new slide to the top. Grab text from each journal to review in one spreadsheet. Click Here alicekeeler.com/firstslide
 Peer Feedback List peer feedback on a spreadsheet and create a document to review. Click Here alicekeeler.com/pft
 Farkle Model strategic thinking by playing Farkle in Google Slides Click Here alicekeeler.com/farkleslides
CollabEssayUse Google Slides to start collaborating on essay writing. Click Here alicekeeler.com/collabessay
Spiral ReviewAutomagically update Google Slides with spiral review questions. Click Here alicekeeler.com/spiralreview
Random SlidesCreate a random slide show from a list. Click Here alicekeeler.com/randomslides
DriveMailWhen students do not have email use Google Drive. Click Here alicekeeler.com/drivemail
Dice Place ValueGoogle Slides place value activity Click Here alicekeeler.com/diceplacevalue
Pull the TableAssign students a Google Doc with tables as the answer box. Pull their responses from the docs and populate in a spreadsheet as if they filled out a Form and push feedback back to Docs.  Click Here alicekeeler.com/pullthetable
Make SlidesCreate and share collaborative Google Slides with your class. Click Here alicekeeler.com/makeslides
Docs OutlineA Docs template with the outline preset Click Here alicekeeler.com/docsoutline
Login CardsFor each student, create a card with username and password to aid in logging into Chromebooks. Click Here alicekeeler.com/
 Click Here alicekeeler.com/
 Click Here alicekeeler.com/
 Click Here alicekeeler.com/

Alice Keeler - Paperless Is Not a Pedagogy

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