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Google Classroom – Grade the Folder Add-On

Something I am very curious about is if kids at the front or the end of the alphabet have an advantage when it comes to digital grading. Let’s be honest, we do not grade the top of stack of papers the same as the bottom. The stack of papers was not in any particular order though. Digital work is pretty much always in alphabetical order. The kids with a last name of A are getting feedback more quickly.

I usually do not have time to give feedback to all students in one sitting. Having a system for noting grading status would be very helpful. I created a script to give me a list of the student documents in the Google Classroom assignment folder in Google Drive. I have a column to note the grading status. I also assign each document a random number to allow me to sort randomly. After providing students feedback, the GradeTheFolder script will rename the document to note the grading status.


Add-On menu

Locate “Grade the folder” in the Add-On menu.
Grade the folder add on

This will open up a sidebar. Click the start button.
Start the script.

This will prompt you to select the folder you wish to grade. Note to single click on the folder selection. You are selecting the folder not the contents inside of the folder.


The bottom button in the sidebar will randomize the document list.
Randomize and link to document

Link to Document

A link to each document is in column C. Use this link to open student work and to insert comments.

Grading Status

Column A is where you can indicate the status of the document “graded,” “reviewed,” “incomplete,” “see teacher,” etc…


After indicating the grading status, click on the “Rename” button in the sidebar menu. This will rename the documents to append the grading status to the front of the document.

When viewing Google Drive you can easily see which files still need assessment. The first word in the document title tells you.
Grading status 2015-09-29_11-03-44

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