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About Alice Keeler

Alice Keeler is a teacher, mom of 5, expert in EdTech integration and virtual learning, speaker, author and Google crowned “Queen of spreadsheets”. Google Certified Innovator, Google Apps Developer Expert, Microsoft Innovative Educator, and has degrees in Mathematics and Educational Media Design and Technology. She has traveled around the world to share her expertise for innovative teaching using Google Apps.

Is your school, district, or event interested in hiring Alice?

If you are interested in having Alice come out to your location, Alice is available for keynote speaking, educator workshops, coaching, curriculum development, custom efficiency solutions, etc..

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Alice is an engaging, high energy, and innovative speaker.


Alice provides hands on trainings on a variety of topics and levels.


Premium Membership includes office hours, webinars, workshops, and check ins with Alice.


Alice is constantly developing tools for educators that are available with support through membership.

Alice applies her expertise to develop tools and innovative solutions for teacher workflows that save significant time and/or allow teachers to use workspace more effectively and meaningfully with their students. 

Paperless is Not a Pedagogy

Digital is different, Alice leads the way in developing efficient, engaging, and effective digital learning environments that go beyond worksheets and PDFs. Alice is passionate about student centered teaching and using tech to build relationships, empower and equip students, and make learning better. Technology should improve learning through interactions, improved feedback, increasing relevance, and facilitating a student-centered classroom.

Let’s get past writing on PDFs and digital worksheets so we can use technology in effective and student centered ways.

How do we use technology effectively?

Alice develops practical strategies and tools that

  • Save time so that they can focus on the relationships
  • Move from writing on PDF’s to sparking curiosity with engaging and relevant content
  • Shift focus from teacher content to student content with quality feedback loops