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Paperless Is Not a Pedagogy

Alice Keeler

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Discover the power of retrieval practice as a potent tool for long-term learning. Explore how Padlet, an interactive digital platform, can be effectively utilized to facilitate retrieval practice and create an engaging learning experience. Learn valuable tips on structuring, prompting, peer learning, feedback, review sessions, and maintaining variety for optimal results. Maximizing Retrieval Practice with Padlet

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What is an EdTech tool that actually delivers on the promise of creating a more engaging classroom? Book Creator. Here are 5 Reasons every teacher should use Book Creator.

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25 Things to Do Instead of Timed Math Tests

Timed math tests have long been a staple in classrooms, but research indicates they can cause anxiety, limit understanding, and lead to negative attitudes toward math. As educators, it’s crucial to consider alternative strategies that foster a deeper understanding, long-term retention, and overall success in math. Some effective alternatives to timed math tests include incorporating visual representations like number lines or arrays, engaging students in real-world problem-solving activities, using math games and activities for practice, teaching mental strategies and grouping techniques, and encouraging cooperative learning through peer collaboration. By embracing these research-backed approaches, we can create a more engaging, supportive, and effective learning environment that promotes positive attitudes and long-term success in math for our students.

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Teacher, mom of 5, Google Certified Innovator, Google Developer Expert for Google Workspace, Google Cloud Innovator Champion, Author, Keynote Speaker, Workshop Presenter

Alice Keeler Queen of Spreadsheets

Alice Keeler has a BA in Mathematics and an MS in Educational Media Design and Technology.  She started teaching high school math in 1999 in the laptop Algebra program. Alice has taught 1:1 her entire teaching career and is passionate about using technology to create student centered classrooms. 

Paperless is not a pedagogy. We should not seek to use technology to save paper, but rather to improve learning, improve relationships, and improve student engagement. 

The tool is not what creates the learning, but rather an intentional approach for how a tool can create feedback loops, allow choice and voice, allows for communication of ideas in a creative medium, and increase collaboration.

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