Canva Jamboard Background

Try designing your backgrounds for Google Jamboard in Canva. Canva Jamboard Backgrounds are easy and make your Jams really Jam!

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9 Google Forms Formative Assessment Tips

Want to use Google Forms as a formative assessment quiz? Check out these 9 tips. Google Forms Formative Assessment

Google Forms: STOP Students From Going to Previous Section

In Google Forms with Sections, how do you stop a student from going to a previous section they already completed?

How to Use Quiz Helper for Google Forms™

Use Google Forms as a quiz. Get your settings right. Provide students feedback in Google Docs. Allow students to finish their quiz later.

3 Ways to Use Google Sites THIS Semester

Choose from 3 ways to use Google Sites THIS Semester. A Google Sites website is great for Google Sites Tutorials, Class information page, or collaboration projects.

Roster Extras Add-on by Alice Keeler

Do more with your roster! Roster Extras is a free Add-on takes your roster in Google Sheets and converts to Google Slides or Custom Google Docs reports.

Hyperlink Slides Choice Board

Create a Google Slides Choice board with automated hyperlinks. This free Add-on can be used as a Choice Board or for creating Hyperdocs.

Folder Downloader

Google Drive Folder Downloader. Download your files from Drive. Export as PDFs if you choose. Locate the download folder on your Chromebook.

Free Webinars with Alice Keeler and Otis

FREE Teacher Workshops and Webinars. Alice Keeler has partnered with OTIS to bring you free and engaging webinars and access to the recordings.

How to Unsubmit Work on Google Classroom

How to unsubmit work on Google Classroom. For students and teachers.

How to Make a Word Search

For fun! Word Searches can be a fun thing for students to do on a rainy recess or after they have finished their work. Here is how to MAKE a word search.

Drawing Slides

What are Drawing Slides? How to get drawing into Google Slides.

Google Forms: Setting the Confirmation Message

After students finish filling out their Google Form, what do you want to tell them?

How to Add Audio to Google Slides

How to add audio to Google Slides is fun and easy!

Google Classroom: Grading with Drive’s Preview Mode

Preview student files in Google Drive for a faster experience to review student work.

Google Drive: Selecting Multiple Files

Manage multiple files in Google Drive with these tricks.

Digital Tools to Support Struggling Readers

Learn about supporting struggling readers with digital tools with Anna Hartranft

Poster of Google Docs Keyboard Shortcuts

By popular demand I have created a Google Docs poster for keyboard shortcuts similar to the Google Slides poster. Print out this poster for an easy reference to some helpful Google Docs tricks. Popula…

Poster of Keyboard Shortcuts in Google Slides

Get this free poster of Google Slides keyboard shortcuts to help you be more efficient at using Google Slides.

Ditch Summit: A FREE online conference for educators

Binge on FREE #DitchSummit video presentations in December What if you had access to a sort of Netflix for really good online professional development? You know, not boring videos of stuff that you’ll…

Students Login To Get Google Classroom Progress Reports

Free students can access their Google Classroom progress reports, missing assignments, and see upcoming assignments in one place for all classes at

5 Tips for Faster Student Feedback

Feedback is really time consuming but important. Give students faster feedback with these 5 tips.

EdTech Can Make Life Better – Edufuturists Podcast

Alice Keeler was a guest on the edufuturists podcast. Check out episode #159 for how EdTech can make life better.

“Did you grade it yet?” – Students Turning In Late Work

It is that time of year when some students are suddenly thinking they want to turn in a bunch of stuff. How to deal with late work has been the bane of my existence since I started teaching in 1999. N…

Embrace Cheating Tools

Students cheat with Google Translate or Photomath or a variety of tools. Do not fight it, embrace it!

Better Progress Reports Webinar

Google Classroom: Better Progress Reports

Join Alice Keeler December 9th, or watch the recording afterwards, for a FREE OTIS webinar on better progress reports in Google Classroom.

Google Jamboard: Bring It UP

A key element of Google Jamboard is the ability to add sticky notes to share ideas. However, layers in Jamboard will hide content. Knowing how to alternate what order elements on the Jam are in provid…

3 Google Sites Things to Try

Google Sites is a great way to provide students tutorial documents. Try these 3 features to customize your Google Sites pages.

How to Create Google Slides Games

Free Game templates for Google Slides that use Dice. Install Dice Slides by Schoolytics to have Google Dice.

Connect Your Class to Formative

Easily create formative assessments digitally with Sync your Google accounts to Formative.

How To Make a Form from Google Sheets

The menu options have changed. You can still create a Google Form from a spreadsheet.

“Thank you for all of the help you have given me so far this year! The Google classrooms workshop has made my teaching more effective and my job more enjoyable. Kids are learning so much and are enjoying their learning! You rock!”

Lindsey Hagen

“These workshops really make me experiment new ways of teaching and especially new ways of thinking about teaching!!!”


I went from only knowing how to use gmail to feeling like I can actually teach online effectively with all the tools in Google. I am loving slides. You have taught me more in 3 weeks than I have learned about technology in years, so a huge THANK YOU!!! You are funny, engaging, and practical. All the qualities a great teacher needs.

Paula Parker