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Free: Create Avery Address Labels in Google Docs

Create Avery Address Labels in Google Docs for FREE.

Teaching with Google Classroom Book By Alice Keeler
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3 Content Makers You Need To Follow

Melody McAllister shares her weekly three things that caught her attention from educators creating content on social media. This week she highlights Hedreich Nichols, Jillian DuBois, and the themerril…

FREE Flipgrid Discovery Page To Use Immediately!

Educator and Blogger, Marcia Carrillo, invites you to check out Flipgrid’s amazing Discovery Library! Save yourself time and discover topics ready for you to apply and add to your own group!

Magically Convert Google Docs to Slides

Like magic take any of your Google Docs and convert them to Google Slides!! This is going to be your new favorite Google Add-on.

Jamboard: Save Frame as Image

As Kim Mattina says, “Get on the Jamboard train.” Google Jamboard is FREE. It is a Google tool. It saves to Google Drive. As is to be expected, it is collaborative.

Coding Google Apps – Get Started

Learn to code Google Apps. Start here!

FREE Math Puzzles for K-12

In this guest post by Alice Aspinall, she shares number puzzles she made for her own children. Alice Keeler made a Math Puzzle spreadsheet we all can use for students K-12!

3 Most Important Ways to Prep for School Year

In this guest post, Melody McAllister shares how to prepare for the school year in ways that will grow stronger classroom communities.

Tip: Talk to Type with Windows 10 Accessibility Feature

Educator and Blogger, Victoria Thompson, shares how utilizing talk to type with Windows 10 can help people with accessibility issues.

Fun: Using Desmos for NOT Math

Desmos is for all subjects all grade levels. Create an engaging activity with polygraph.

Snip It: Using the FREE Windows Snipping Tool

In this guest post, educator Marcia Carrillo demonstrates the Snipping Tool. She explains it is the quickest and easiest method for screenshots or grabs and… It’s FREE! 

Google Slides: 5 Keyboard Shortcuts

Google Slides is one of my favorite collaboration creativity tools. Think outside the box to go beyond presentations. Here are 5 keyboard shortcuts that are sure to increase productivity. 1) Control S…

6 Big Ideas About Teaching Science Online – Your Students Will Thank You

Teaching science online is not just making your activities digital. Successful online, synchronous, asynchronous, hyflex science classrooms do things differently.

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