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Google Slides in Cursive

For funsies, would you like to make your Google Slides in curvsive? I have updated Randomize Slides to have a feature that turns all of your textboxes into cursive.
Google Slides in Cursive

At a conference recently where I was speaking an audience member wanted all of the fonts in the Google Slides to be in cursive. Apparently, whoever is making the resource uses a font that is installed on their computer so when it is uploaded to Google Slides the font is replaced with non English characters. He needed an easy way to change all the font, all at once.

I used ChatGPT

I thought this might make a fun party trick. I asked ChatGPT to create an Add-on for Google Slides that would change all the font in a Google Slides to cursive using the “Homemade Apple” font. Took me about 2 minutes to go from prompting ChatGPT to having it published live and available for anyone.

Small Edit

I copied and pasted the code from ChatGPT into the script editor of a Google Slides… it almost worked! I had to make one tiny edit for where there was a slide that had no text. Boom it worked.

Updated Randomize Slides

Since this seemed like such a random thing to do, I added the code as a feature to “Randomize Slides by AliceKeeler.

Screenshot of extensions menu in Google Slides selecting Randomize Slides by Alice Keeler, fun things, and cursive font.

Google Slides in Cursive

If for funsies you want to make your entire Google Slides presentation in the font of “Homemade Apple” I would recommend you first go to the version history under the File menu and name the current version. This will make it easy to put your presentation back the way it was.

Screenshot of google slides with cursive font.

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