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Code Font in Google Sites

This may seem strange but really there is nothing to look at here. The purpose of this blog post is to clear up some confusion about the option to “Code font” in new Google Sites rather than to give you a tip on what to do. Basically “Code font” is not for teachers unless you’re teaching coding. I did some extensive Google searching to explain what it was and could find nothing, leaving me to figure it out on my own. So here is the blog post to explain what Code font is.


3 Dots

I always get excited when I see 3 dots, this means MORE OPTIONS! Yes, I do want more options.
3 dots when editing text in Google Sites

Code Font

The first option under the 3 dots is “Code font.” Let me be clear:

You can NOT change the font or font colors in Google Sites beyond the theme.

There are some hacks to this but “Code font” is NOT one of them. You can not CODE the font. You can NOT use HTML to code how the font looks.

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Font Code

What “Code font” is is a font for code. IF you are sharing lines of code in a Google Site you want the font to look different. You can use a “Code font” rather than the font you use to convey paragraphs and sentences. There is no drop down menu, like in Google Docs, to choose the font. The font in Google Sites is chosen by the theme. If there were a font menu, then “Code” could be one of the font choices and the “Code font” under the 3 dots would be unnecessary.
Sharing lines of code in Google Sites

Notice “Code font” font has a grey background and makes the code symbols clear to read. It is literally a type of font. It is not a way to code the font. So unless you’re a coder, this is NOT for you.
What code font looks like on Google Sites

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