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Premium Membership

Annual memberships are active until July 31st. Monthly memberships are active month to month. Discounts available for school sites and districts. Contact info@alicekeeler.com for more information.

Cancel Anytime

Go beyond simply using technology to how to integrate technology effectively for student engagement and learning. Each week check in for a personal response from Alice to help you with questions you’re having around teaching. Participate in online workshops. Have access to exclusive premium content. Join in on weekly webinars or review ALL of the past webinars, exclusively curated for members. Check out the weekly office hours to drop in to ask questions and learn new things.

Alice is passionate about improving student learning and love of school. Student centered learning environments, improving grading practices, gamification, Depth of Knowledge (DOK), the 4 C‘s (Communicate ideas, Collaborate, Critical Thinking, and Creative Thinking), ha and spreadsheets! Pedagogy over tools, however Alice’s specialty is using Google Apps (Alice is a Google Certified Innovator) including Classroom, Sheets, Slides, etc… Alice is also a Google Developer Expert and would love to help you to learn how to code Google Apps Script to increase your efficiency with using Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Classroom. etc…

Weekly Check In

Each week Alice provides a link to a form where members can check in. She responds and uses the information to shape content and know how best she can support members throughout the year.

Office Hours

Alice holds multiple office hours weekly. Some office hours are related to a topic being covered in workshops, and some are open topic. These are a great opportunity to bring questions, brainstorming ideas, problems to think through, topics for discussion or just hang out!


Alice offers a variety of webinars each week on a variety of topics from getting started to advanced. Often times topics are covered at member request. While webinars are intended to be highly interactive, members also have access to the webinar archive.



Drip workshops are delivered via email and begin as soon as you sign up. This will allow you to start the workshop at any time. Typically the drip emails are once a week for 6 weeks (unless otherwise stated).

Go Slow

These workshops typically take place in Google Classroom. They have a specific start and end date. They are 6 weeks and interactive.

Premium Content

Alice is constantly mining for problems that she can create tools and solutions for. Based on input from office hours and weekly check-ins Alice creates templates, add-ons and more that are exclusively available to members.