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How to Update Student Spreadsheets

You make a copy of a spreadsheet per student, but what if you have a typo or want to add to the spreadsheet? sheetPusher by Alice Keeler and Heather Lyon helps you update student spreadsheets. Here is…

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Google Docs Google Play App Store Install

If you use Google Docs you want to be sure to have the mobile version as well. Use google play app store install

Navigate Google Forms Sections

If you use Google Forms you want to be using SECTIONS in Google Forms and controlling how students navigate the Form.. Navigate Google Forms Sections

BETTER – Print Google Form Quiz

Have more control over how your Google Form™ Quiz prints. Sometimes you need your Google Form on paper and this solution will help you to do it better! Print Google Form Quiz to a Google Doc and custo…

Something Fun for the End of the Year

What is something fun for students to do at the end of the year? While there are many choices, a fun word search can give students something to do while other students are finishing a task. Try my tem…

Collaborate with Students – reuse TemplateTab

Reuse TemplateTab to collaborate with students and have less paperwork to grade.

First S

CS First is a great way to get started with teaching students computer science even if you as the teacher do not have experience with coding or computer science. First s … science! It is critical th…

4 Tips for Google Bookmark

4 Tips for Google Bookmark. If you use Chrome here are some ways to use the Bookmarking feature.

Folderbox Download

If you are wanting a folderbox download look at Google Drive. Here are some tips for getting more out of Google Drive.

Print Google Slides™ Speaker Notes

Send your speaker notes from a Google Slides to a Google Doc. Easily print your Google Slides speaker notes or share them. Print Google Slides Speaker Notes

Google Drev – Drive On In

Google Drev allows you to find your files even when you have a typo. Check out some ways you can search your Google Drive.

COUNTA in Google Sheets™

How to use COUNTA in Google Sheets. This helpful formula works differently than COUNT. I will explain how.

Google Classroom Announce Missing Assignments

Quickly post missing assignments lists to the Stream of Google Classroom. If your students do not have email or do not check email you can post announcements to the Stream, one per student, with their…

New! Extensions Menu in Google Docs

Check out the new Extensions and Tools menu in Google Docs. New! Extensions Menu in Google Docs will allow you to code Google Docs with the Apps Script option.

How to Make a Rubric with Multiple Choice Grid in Google Forms

How to Make a Rubric with Multiple Choice Grid in Google Forms. Rubrics are great tools for evaluating student learning, Google Forms makes rubrics even better.

How To Find Who Did NOT Fill Out the Google Form

How To Find Who Did NOT Fill Out the Google Form. It is easy to know who DID fill out the Form. It is hard to know who did NOT. Use this Alice Keeler Add-on to easily get a list of who is missing.

How to Randomize Range in Google Sheets

How to Randomize Range in Google Sheets. Built into Google Sheets is the ability to randomize a range without sorting the entire sheet. Alice Keeler shows you how.

How to Create Slides from Google Docs

How to Create Slides from Google Docs is pretty fun and easy! Check out these options to outline your presentation first in Docs and then send to Google Slides.

FUN!! Randomize Background Colors in Google Slides™

Randomize Background Colors in Google Slides. When you have students contribute to the same Google Slides it can be fun to randomize the color of the slide.

Start Grading – Faster in Google Classroom

Google Classroom teachers, grade faster! See all your submitted assignments in one place. Filter and sort to increase your efficiency.

Fight Photomath – Use Graspable Math

Join me to learn about how Graspable Math can help with transforming your math class. Students are cheating with Photomath, let’s look at some alternatives!

Seating Chart Slides by Alice Keeler

Seating Chart Slides by Alice Keeler allows you to take your roster in a Google Doc and turn it into a Google Slides with a moveable tile per student.

Wow! Google Classroom Custom Colors

How to customize the theme color in Google Classroom. It has been long awaited to be able to have Google Classroom Custom Colors. how to change the theme of google classroom

5 Google Sheets Functions to Know

5 Google Sheets functions to know. Check out these 5 functions to help you to use Google Sheets even better!

Countdown to Assessment with Spaces

Educator Melody McAllister shares how you can use the Spaces platform to create conversation, clear up misconceptions, and continue to build classroom community around learning targets that need to be…

Google Docs: Pinning Table Headers

New feature in Google Docs is the ability to pin rows in a table. Why would you be pinning table rows in google docs? To bring more clarity to your printed documents.

Finally! Schedule to Multiple Classes in Google Classroom

Finally! Schedule to Multiple Classes in Google Classroom. Set the time and date for each section to appear in your Google Classroom as you post assignments.

Bulk Send Missing Assignments List for Google Classroom

For Google Classroom you can bulk send missing assignments using This is free for teachers and a huge time saver!

Blast the Boring out of Book Reports with Spaces Edu!

Guest Blogger, Melody McAlliser uses Spaces with her students because it allows for voice and choice, teachers can tag curriculum standards to learning artifacts, and students can build their digital…

Free & Easy: Certify Students with Certify’em for Google Forms

Certify students that they have learned. Use the Certify’em add-on to provide certificates to show students have mastered a topic.

How to Split Screen on Your Phone

How to Split Screen on Your Phone. You can use 2 apps at the same time! How to split screen on an iPhone. How to split screen on a Pixel. How to split screen on a Samsung.

“Thank you for all of the help you have given me so far this year! The Google classrooms workshop has made my teaching more effective and my job more enjoyable. Kids are learning so much and are enjoying their learning! You rock!”

Lindsey Hagen

“These workshops really make me experiment new ways of teaching and especially new ways of thinking about teaching!!!”


I went from only knowing how to use gmail to feeling like I can actually teach online effectively with all the tools in Google. I am loving slides. You have taught me more in 3 weeks than I have learned about technology in years, so a huge THANK YOU!!! You are funny, engaging, and practical. All the qualities a great teacher needs.

Paula Parker