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Paperless Is Not a Pedagogy

Alice Keeler

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Leveraging ChatGPT to Support Students

Exploring the role of artificial intelligence in education, practical advice and numerous suggestions on leveraging ChatGPT to support students, particularly English learners. Showcasing how students can harness the power of ChatGPT for essential academic tasks such as grammar checks, spelling corrections, understanding idiomatic expressions, and obtaining feedback on their writing’s tone and style. By providing an exhaustive list of prompts, it paves the way for effective interactions with the AI, ensuring a learning experience that respects and preserves the student’s original ideas and efforts.

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Google Doc to Google Slides with Doc to Slides by Alice Keeler

Google Doc Becomes Slides – Magically

I think you will find this a fun activity to turn your Google Docs into Google Slides! Slides allow for multi-media and have some distinct advantages over Google Docs sometimes. However, Docs is easier for brainstorming and outlining. Now you can have the best of both world by turning your Google Docs to Google Slides. Use the Doc to Slides Add-on by Alice Keeler

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Maximizing Retrieval Practice with Padlet

Discover the power of retrieval practice as a potent tool for long-term learning. Explore how Padlet, an interactive digital platform, can be effectively utilized to facilitate retrieval practice and create an engaging learning experience. Learn valuable tips on structuring, prompting, peer learning, feedback, review sessions, and maintaining variety for optimal results. Maximizing Retrieval Practice with Padlet

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The AI English Teacher

Discover how “The AI English Teacher” is transforming English Language Arts education and equipping students for a tech-driven future. This insightful article explores the integration of generative AI into the classroom, empowering teachers to leverage AI resources effectively. Uncover the importance of preparing students to navigate AI-generated content, critically evaluate information, and understand the implications of AI in terms of privacy, bias, and ethics. Explore innovative assessment methods that prioritize the learning process, emphasizing research, brainstorming, drafting, revising, and reflection skills. “The AI English Teacher” also highlights the significance of developing effective communication skills in writing and verbal interactions, while adapting to the digital age with multimedia communication and engaging classroom discussions. Prepare your students for success with “The AI English Teacher,” embracing AI as a powerful tool to enhance their language learning journey.

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Acceptable Use Policy for AI in the ELA Classroom

Teachers of ELA classes will need to provide an Acceptable Use Policy for AI in the ELA Classroom. When school starts back up this is going to be essential for every ELA teacher to provide. If you are looking for an acceptable use policy for ChatGPT check out this sample from Alice Keeler.

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forcing checkboxes in Google Forms

Forcing Google Forms Checkbox Selections

Using Google Forms you have a need to have more control over how the person responds. With Checkboxes the responder can select multiple things, but what if you want them to select exactly 3 items no more no less. Forcing Google Forms Checkbox Selections is possible.

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Getting Started with BookWidgets

BookWidgets: A Quick Tutorial for Teachers

BookWidgets is an online platform that allows teachers to create interactive learning activities for their students. With BookWidgets, you can create quizzes, surveys, and games that can be customized to fit your specific needs and shared with students through a variety of channels. In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a BookWidget quiz and share it with your students.

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Overcoming challenges of Student Engagement

Overcoming 8 Challenges of Student Engagement

Student engagement isn’t just a nice-to-have, it’s the lifeblood of effective education. Yet, it feels like a mythical beast. Something every educator worldwide is chasing, but only a few can say they’ve truly captured. So, what makes this beast so tricky to tame? Let’s go on an adventure, breaking down the barriers to student engagement and, most importantly, arm ourselves with the tools to tackle these head-on. There is no magic bullet for student engagement. Here are some suggestions for SOME ways to address Student Engagement

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The Importance of Word Wrap in Google Sheets

A key skill to know when using Google Sheets is how to wrap the text within a cell. You want to be able to view all of the text that is in your spreadsheet and not have any of cut off. Setting word wrap can be a bit tricky until you know where to look.

Teacher Tech with Alice Keeler

Teacher, mom of 5, Google Certified Innovator, Google Developer Expert for Google Workspace, Google Cloud Innovator Champion, Author, Keynote Speaker, Workshop Presenter

Alice Keeler Queen of Spreadsheets

Alice Keeler has a BA in Mathematics and an MS in Educational Media Design and Technology.  She started teaching high school math in 1999 in the laptop Algebra program. Alice has taught 1:1 her entire teaching career and is passionate about using technology to create student centered classrooms. 

Paperless is not a pedagogy. We should not seek to use technology to save paper, but rather to improve learning, improve relationships, and improve student engagement. 

The tool is not what creates the learning, but rather an intentional approach for how a tool can create feedback loops, allow choice and voice, allows for communication of ideas in a creative medium, and increase collaboration.

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