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Paperless Is Not a Pedagogy

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Will AI Make School Obsolete?

Is AI going to be the end of teaching and school? There is no doubt that there are some things AI can do better than a human being. So what becomes the roll of school or will AI make school obsolete?

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BookWidgets: The Game-Changer Teachers Can’t Resist

As educational technology continues to evolve, innovative tools are playing an increasingly vital role in classrooms worldwide. Among these tools, BookWidgets has emerged as an invaluable resource for teachers seeking to enhance their lessons and engage students in creative and interactive ways. BookWidgets: The Game-Changer Teachers Can’t Resist

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Innovate Teaching with ChatGPT (AI)

Whether you use ChatGPT, Google Bard, Bing (which is ChatGPT), so some other Artificial Intelligence chatbot it is set to transform how you teach! Not only can you save time with chatbots, but you can innovate your teaching. ChatGPT can do some of the heavy lifting to help you make creative lesson plans and projects. Innovate Teaching with ChatGPT (AI)

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Collaborative Learning with Google Workspace: Tools and Techniques for Successful Group Projects

Collaborative Learning with Google Workspace. Google Workspace provides a wealth of tools that make collaborative learning more accessible and efficient for both students and teachers. By leveraging these tools and techniques, you can create engaging and successful group projects that foster teamwork, communication, and critical thinking skills. As you implement these strategies in your classroom, you’ll discover the power of collaboration and the benefits it brings to your students’ learning experiences.

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What are Single Point Rubrics

Wondering what are Single Point Rubrics? They are gaining popularity among educators as they simplify the grading process and focus on essential aspects of a student’s work. Unlike traditional rubrics with multiple performance levels, Single Point Rubrics outline the criteria for proficiency, offering advantages such as simplicity, flexibility, clear expectations, and fostering a growth mindset

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Helping High School Students with How To File Their Taxes

TurboTax and EVERFI: Helping High School Students with How To File Their Taxes

TurboTax and EVERFI have partnered to create a free online financial literacy course for high school students. The course includes an Intuit TurboTax Simulation that teaches students how to file taxes. By incorporating this program into the curriculum, teachers can help students develop critical thinking skills, break the cycle of poverty, and promote financial well-being. The simulation equips students with knowledge on tax filing, making it a valuable tool for preparing them for their financial futures.

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Draw the Line: How to Use the @ Symbol to Insert a Horizontal Line in Google Docs

As a teacher, you might find yourself creating documents for your students, colleagues, or parents. Sometimes you want to add a little extra flair to your documents, and one way to do that is by adding a horizontal line to separate sections or emphasize important information. The good news is that you don’t need to go searching for an external tool to do this – Google Docs has a built-in way to create a horizontal line using the @ symbol. Horizontal Lines in Google Docs

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25 Things to Do Instead of Timed Math Tests

Timed math tests have long been a staple in classrooms, but research indicates they can cause anxiety, limit understanding, and lead to negative attitudes toward math. As educators, it’s crucial to consider alternative strategies that foster a deeper understanding, long-term retention, and overall success in math. Some effective alternatives to timed math tests include incorporating visual representations like number lines or arrays, engaging students in real-world problem-solving activities, using math games and activities for practice, teaching mental strategies and grouping techniques, and encouraging cooperative learning through peer collaboration. By embracing these research-backed approaches, we can create a more engaging, supportive, and effective learning environment that promotes positive attitudes and long-term success in math for our students.

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What the Heck is AI and Why Does Every Product Have It?

Are you a teacher wondering about the buzz surrounding Artificial Intelligence (AI) in education? You’re not alone! What the heck is AI? Let’s break down what AI is and discuss why it could be a valuable tool for teachers. Also, be skeptical of EdTech products and be sure ask the right questions to ensure AI is being used in a student centered way that makes learning more humanizing, not more robotic.

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Workshop: Learn to Code with ChatGPT

Quickly! Take advantage of ChatGPT to learn how to code Google Workspace with Google Apps Script. Google Developer Expert Alice Keeler will teach you how to go from zero to intermediate user in 6 weeks. Space is limited. Register now.

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Getting Started with Pear Deck

Increase Student Engagement with Pear Deck

Pear Deck is one of the easiest ways to ensure all students in the classroom are actively engaged and participating in classroom presentations created in Google Slides. The goal of this post is to give an overview of what Pear Deck offers and how to get started with the Pear Deck Add-on for Google Slides.

7 Characteristics of a Student Centered Classroom

Student centered learning is focusing on the needs and interests of the students. Student centered classrooms are harder than a traditional model. The advantage is helping students to truly have a passion for learning. Better relationship building can also be a biproduct.

Engage Students with Google Jamboard

Boost student engagement in your digital classroom with Google Jamboard. This interactive tool transforms lessons into collaborative experiences. Use its real-time features for brainstorming, hands-on activities, and group projects. Ideal for visual learners, Jamboard simplifies complex concepts with mind maps and diagrams. Seamlessly integrated with Google Workspace, it enhances your teaching methods, making learning interactive and fun.

Student Engagement – Setting Up Google Classroom

Discover how to transform Google Classroom from a basic virtual box into a vibrant hub of learning and interaction. Our expert guide provides essential tips and creative strategies to set up Google Classroom for maximum engagement. Dive into the world of interactive learning and see how easy and effective it can be to captivate your students’ attention in the digital classroom.

Enhancing School Engagement for Academic Success

Enhancing engagement is a hot topic in the world of education, as it plays a crucial role in student success. Unlock the secrets to enhancing engagement in your classroom with our latest blog post! Discover proven strategies to boost student success by creating a dynamic and enjoyable learning experience. From getting to know your students personally to leveraging technology, these tips will transform your teaching approach and help your students thrive. Don’t miss out on this valuable guide to boosting engagement and fostering a love for learning in your classroom!

Teacher, mom of 5, Google Certified Innovator, Google Developer Expert for Google Workspace, Google Cloud Innovator Champion, Author, Keynote Speaker, Workshop Presenter

Alice Keeler has a BA in Mathematics and an MS in Educational Media Design and Technology.  She started teaching high school math in 1999 in the laptop Algebra program. Alice has taught 1:1 her entire teaching career and is passionate about using technology to create student centered classrooms. 

Paperless is not a pedagogy. We should not seek to use technology to save paper, but rather to improve learning, improve relationships, and improve student engagement. 

The tool is not what creates the learning, but rather an intentional approach for how a tool can create feedback loops, allow choice and voice, allows for communication of ideas in a creative medium, and increase collaboration.

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