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Paperless Is Not a Pedagogy

Alice Keeler

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50 Ways to Engage Students with Google Apps

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popsicle sticks form by Alice Keeler

Google Forms Popsicle Sticks

Allow ALL students to thoughtfully respond when asking a question in class. Use this FREE Add-on by Alice Keeler to allow students to respond to a Google Form. Randomly select a student response.

10 ways we will need to adjust teaching to Google Gemini

10 Ways Teachers Will Need to Adjust to Google Gemini

Google Bard, similar to ChatGPT, will play a role in changing the ways we approach teaching and learning. I asked Google Bard for how it thinks it will impact teaching. Here is what Bard said about 10 Ways Teachers Will Need to Adjust to Google Bard

Try This: Search the Google Docs Menus

New features in Google Docs, Workspace, speed up using docs significantly. The trick is to get into the habit searching the Google Docs menus. Search the Google Docs Menus by using the new search icon, it’s more powerful than you think.

How To Add a Background Image to FigJam

Want to lock a background onto a FigJam? Transitioning away from Jamboard to FigJam and want to know how to create a background image in FigJam? Alice Keeler provides you a tutorial with how to do this. How To Add a Background Image to FigJam

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Teacher, mom of 5, Google Certified Innovator, Google Developer Expert for Google Workspace, Google Cloud Innovator Champion, Author, Keynote Speaker, Workshop Presenter

Alice Keeler Queen of Spreadsheets

Alice Keeler has a BA in Mathematics and an MS in Educational Media Design and Technology.  She started teaching high school math in 1999 in the laptop Algebra program. Alice has taught 1:1 her entire teaching career and is passionate about using technology to create student centered classrooms. 

Paperless is not a pedagogy. We should not seek to use technology to save paper, but rather to improve learning, improve relationships, and improve student engagement. 

The tool is not what creates the learning, but rather an intentional approach for how a tool can create feedback loops, allow choice and voice, allows for communication of ideas in a creative medium, and increase collaboration.

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