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Using Pre Made Lessons for Minecraft: Education Edition on the Chromebook

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Use Pre-Made Lessons from Minecraft: Education Edition education.minecraft.net/class-resources/lessons Search the education.minecraft.net website for pre-made lessons to do with your students. Download the world and add as an attachment to a Google Classroom assignment. Students will download the world to their Chromebook. Students will need a Microsoft account and the school will need to provide licences for Minecraft: Education Edition for… Read More »Using Pre Made Lessons for Minecraft: Education Edition on the Chromebook

Chromebook- Partial Screenshot

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My standard rule in my class is to “take a screenshot and submit to Google Classroom.” This lets me know what the student was working on and if I need to provide any support I have screenshots I can use to give advice or go over it with a student. Students can add up to 20 attachments to a Google… Read More »Chromebook- Partial Screenshot

Custom Text with Bitmoji

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I am a big fan of adding Bitmoji to all of my digital materials because it allows me to add ME to the materials. This way students feel their teacher is giving the directions rather than just a cold page of text. Bitmoji Chrome Extension If you have not already made a Bitmoji on your phone you will need to… Read More »Custom Text with Bitmoji

Math Hashtags

Math Twitter Hashtags

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Follow These Hashtags on Twitter How do you keep up? You can’t. There is no way we can know everything about teaching, about learning, and about mathematics. This is the beauty of Twitter. It is bite sized, 280 character or less, of learning. Follow a Hashtag A hashtag is a topic. When you tweet something it goes to the stream… Read More »Math Twitter Hashtags

Use the california fire tracker to update the textbook

Textbooks Do Not Update for the News

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Design Lessons to Include Current Events This morning a teacher in New York texted me excited about finding a website that uses real data to allow people to track the fire spreading each day. This week I was working with a college student using the math program ALEKS. One of the many frustrations I had with the program was the… Read More »Textbooks Do Not Update for the News

Halloween Math

Four Activities to Celebrate Halloween in your Math Class by @jmacattak

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Celebrate Halloween with Fun Math Activities – All Treats, No Tricks A Guest Post by John McGowan, Product Manager, Texthelp At Texthelp, we love Halloween. After all, it gives you the opportunity to take things that are normally scary (spiders, ghosts, clowns) and turn them into something fun. Who doesn’t love a good costume party?! For a lot of students,… Read More »Four Activities to Celebrate Halloween in your Math Class by @jmacattak

3 twitter tips for interacting

3 Twitter Tips for Interacting

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3 Tips for Interacting on Twitter 1. Do Not Start a Tweet with @ When you start a tweet with @ it is semi-private. Rumor was they were going to eliminate the need to start a tweet with a period, but really they just made it harder to start your tweet with a period. Let me explain. When you start… Read More »3 Twitter Tips for Interacting

Students create quizizz

Have STUDENTS Make a Quizizz

Have the Students Make It I’m a big fan of Catlin Tucker. In one of her blog posts she asks the question “Who is doing the work in your classroom?” Teaching responsibility and creating leaders starts with giving students responsibilities and having them make decisions. Instead of you staying after school creating a Quizizz game for students to practice, as… Read More »Have STUDENTS Make a Quizizz

Google Slides Slide Per Student

Google Slides: Add Your Roster

Add A Slide per Student in Google Slides One of my favorite activities is collaborative Google Slides. That is all students in the class on the SAME Google Slides. I usually recommend to keep it simple. Create BLANK Google Slides and share it with edit access with the class. Students add their own slide and put their name in the… Read More »Google Slides: Add Your Roster