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Bitmoji Custom Text

Bitmoji custom text made it fun to customize your cartoon avatar. A Bitmoji with just the right words to capture what you are trying to share. A helpful feature for a Bitmoji classroom.
Bitmoji Custom Text

Who doesn’t love Bitmoji. The fun cartoon avatar of yourself. Up until recently you could make a Bitmoji custom text. What happened to the option?

Bitmoji that says Alice Keeler

Install Bitmoji Chrome Extension

Be sure to install the Bitmoji Chrome extension. Drag Bitmoji’s directly onto documents. Right click to “Save Image as” to download to your computer. 

Bitmoji Custom Text

It would appear that the capability of Bitmoji custom text is no longer available. 

bitmoji custom text not available

Bitmoji custom text was great for Bitmoji classrooms. As a teacher I want to customize all of my digital documents with my Bitmoji. Because it is me. Even with digital documents, I want to put a personal connection.

Create Bitmoji Custom Text with Canva

While not as easy, use Canva. 

Create a Canva Design

Create a design. Choose “Custom size.” I suggest 300 by 300 pixels. 

Copy Bitmoji Avatar

From the Bitmoji Chrome extension, right click on the Bitmoji. Choose “Copy image.” Control V paste the Bitmoji onto the Canva canvas. 

Add Canva Text

Click on Text on the left hand side. Modify the text to go with your Bitmoji. 

Download as PNG

When downloading your custom Bitmoji choose a transparent background. This is a checkbox option when downloading. Add the customized Bitmoji to your digital documents. 

Creating Bitmoji Custom Text

YouTube video

I am a big fan of adding Bitmoji to all of my digital materials because it allows me to add ME to the materials. This way students feel their teacher is giving the directions rather than just a cold page of text.

Bitmoji Chrome Extension

If you have not already made a Bitmoji on your phone you will need to start there. Then you can install the Bitmoji Chrome extension

Search Text

When you click on the Bitmoji Chrome extension it will allow you to search for Bitmojis.

Search Bitmoji

Custom Text

Alice Keeler

If I type in Alice Keeler there should be no Bitmoji’s that say that. BUT Bitmoji will create custom ones for you with the search text you type. So notice in the screenshot below there are 11 Bitmoji’s with my name on it.

Search at the top of bitmoji

Make More

Sometimes I do not like the custom Bitmoji’s. So I will highlight my search and use Control X to cut out the search words. Control V to paste it right back so it will give me different ones to choose from.

try your search again

Right Click – Save Image As

You can drag your custom Bitmoji right onto Google Slides. However, you may want to save the custom Bitmojis. Right click on the Bitmoji in the Chrome extension to “Save image as.”


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