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Get started using Google Classroom. These short videos help you to learn something, try it out and come back for the next step! For more go to

Google Forms: Adding Sections

You probably are not in the habit of creating sections in a Google Form but I would recommend you use sections often. Create Pages Think of sections like pages. If you have a lot of questions you want to break it up into pages. Last Icon on the Toolbar When adding...

Google Classroom Playlist

3 Minute Timer – Google Slides

You can use Google Slides to create a timer. I created a slide for every second. Click here for the Google Slides file. Publish to the Web Use the File menu in Google Slides to choose "Publish to the web." Publishing allows you to "Start slideshow...

Google Classroom: Create an Attendance Check In and Schedule It

Every day I add a question to Google Classroom asking students to indicate their attendance. Create Question Google Classroom is designed to be organized on the Classwork tab. Click on "Classwork" at the top and use the "Create" button to choose "Question." Choose...

NEW: Add Forms and Jams to Google Classroom

Google has fixed the glitch where when you try to add a Google Form to a Google Classroom assignment there was no filter option for Google Forms. Not only have they added Google Forms to the filter, you can now easily add your Jams from Jamboard. Search Bar at the Top...

Shut the Box Game – Google Slides

If you are looking for something fun for your students to do during class time try the Shut the Box game. Traditionally this game is played with 2 players, a pair of dice, and 9 tiles. To play this virtually, or digitally, try my Google Slides version. Template...

Google Slides for Breakout Rooms

Use Google Slides in Breakout Rooms No matter if you use Zoom or Google Meet or another video product to do breakout rooms with students, consider having a Google Slides per group. First Slide Built into my First Slide Add-on I have created a way to manage Google...

Insert Button into Google Sites

Google Sites websites allow you to add a button to the pages. Buttons are very helpful to bring attention to links you particularly want students to click on. Insert Menu While editing your Google Site, notice the "Insert" tab in the right side bar. Scroll down a bit...

Time’s Up for Breakout Room: Google Slides Hack

When students are in a breakout room you may want to have each group have a Google Slides for them to organize their conversations and guide the activities. To let students know that the time is up I have coded a "Time's Up" announcement to push to the slides....

Google Meet: When Presenting See More People

When presenting your screen in a Google Meet, annoyingly, the majority of the Meet screen is taken up by "You're presenting to everyone." Control Minus A common trick when using any program is to use Control Minus to zoom out. Oftentimes it is surprising how this...

Voice Comments in Google Docs: It’s going to be e-mote-ional!

Mote for Voice Comments Guest blog post by Jon Neale I’ve been a classroom teacher for 16 years. In April 2020, at the start of lockdown, I came across Mote on Twitter and everything changed! Don’t tell anyone: I’m leaving teaching to help more teachers! For the past...

5 Free Handwriting Templates for Jamboard

I created some templates for Jamboard that would allow students to practice handwriting if they have an iPad or a touchscreen chromebook or touchscreen PC. These templates are free. Kindergarten Handwriting Template This template is 1 inch lines with a half inch...

SUPER COOL Badge Game Updates

Looking for ways to engage students? Try some gamification and choice. I have added some features to my Badge Game template that I hope will make it easier and more fun. Template New Features I updated several new features to the Badge Game...

Google Forms: Multiple Versions and Retakes

One of the ways we used to discourage cheating for paper assessments was to create different versions. But, it is a pain to manage multiple Google Forms. You want all versions and all retakes to...

Google Slides: Roster to Slides

Take your roster of student names and assign them a slide in Google Slides. Each students name will appear on a slide in the newly created Google Slides. The Template Unofficial Add-on is an unofficial...

Make a Student Answer Sheet

See all student responses to multiple questions in one place! A Google Sheets spreadsheet is a document. If you can do it in a Google Text Document you can probably also do it in a Google Sheets spreadsheet. I like to say "The Answer is Always a Spreadsheet."...

How my school district improved our ELA scores overnight

Guest Post by Barton Keeler Modern Scantron test sheet; photo by Josh Davis, used under CC license. Leaving the debate about the validity of standardized testing aside because, let’s face it--it makes things better for everyone if the test scores are higher--I want to...

I Miss the Hallway Conversations: Topia Community

I miss the hallway conversations from conferences. Having Google Meet and Zoom certainly helps with connecting with others, at least we have technology! But it's not the same. How do you just bump into people and start having an informal conversation and easily move...

Jamboard: Add a Background from Canva

Alexes Terry of Twisted Teaching shares in this YouTube video how to create custom backgrounds using Canva. Go to Canva for Education Presentation Template Use the Presentation Template that is 1920 by 1080 pixels. This gives you the right dimensions for the Jamboard...

Chrome: Modify the QR Code

Google Chrome has a new feature to allow you to create a QR code right from the Omnibox (address bar). Quick and easy! Notice the icon of 4 squares with a broken square around them. Click on this to generate the QR code. Force a Copy I create a lot of Google documents...

Google Meet: Customize Your Background

A new feature in Google Meets (and not this can be disabled by your Apps Admin) is to add a custom background to Google Meet. I have been using Alexes Terry's virtual backgrounds for Black History Month, it was so easy to add to Google Meet. Get 5 Free Virtual...

QR Code in Google Chrome

Update your Google Chrome to find the QR code option in the address bar. This is NOT an extension. This is part of the update in Google Chrome. 3 Dots in the Chrome Browser In Google Chrome go to the 3 dots menu in the upper right of your browser. Go down to Settings....

The Words We Wield by @zurquhart

Guest Post by Zach Urquhart as shared by Twisted Teaching with Alexes M. Terry This weekend, I went to see Croods 2 with my family. At one point, Guy (voiced by Ryan Reynolds) had an epiphany. “Words as weapons,” he uttered, finally seeing the failures that had...

Getting Schooled on Apps Script – Using Automation in EDU

Getting into Google Apps Script for EDU On Totally Unscripted, a regular live stream show dedicated to Google Apps Script, I got to be the guest this week along with Dave Abouav. The focus this episode is the impact of Apps Scripting in education. Subscribe to Totally...

Twitter 101 for Educators – Getting Started

Posted by Erin Whalen Are you an educator who strives to be better each day? The type of teacher who is always seeking new ideas? Maybe you're the only teacher in your school for your grade level or content area and need colleagues beyond those four walls? Enter...

Google Calendar Find the Trash

Today I accidentally deleted an event on my calendar. I'm still not sure how I accidentally did that. So I needed to go to the trash and recover the deleted event to put it back. The trash however is not easy to find. Settings Cog Look in the upper right of Google...

Station Rotation Virtually with @MsBDuncan

I created this virtual station rotation after completing #DitchSummit20 over Christmas break. Many wonderful eduleaders shared keen advice on student engagement tools, strategies and pedagogy that can work in a hybrid, concurrent, or full virtual classroom.

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2020 for

For most of us 2020 was not a typical year. Turns out the top blog post hits of 2020 were not in 2020 at all! 1. Google Classroom Header Template 2. Roll Dice in Google Slides...

Happy Hanukkah! Remote “Dreidel On Deck”

From the creator of Flubaroo and Certify'em, Dave Abouav used Google Slides to play dreidel. Dave made this for his daughter who is not able to be with her friends this season in person. First make a copy of the Google Slides and...

Collaborate Better – Email Collaborators

If you use Google Docs, Sheets or Slides you are probably sharing your documents with someone. Collaboration is what makes modern document creation amazing. No longer is one person responsible for adding content to a document, multiple people can edit and review a...

Google Forms: Students Did Not Finish

What if students do not finish a Google Form and need to finish it later? This is a tricky problem. You not only need to allow editing in the Google Form but have a way to get the student the link to finish later. There is no way to capture this without coding....

Brainstorming Voting Tool

Brainstorm Ideas and Vote on Them in a Google Form Brainstorming is an essential process to many projects. How do you decide on which brainstorm idea to go with? Some people don't feel comfortable speaking up in opposition or some people feel compelled to go along...

Password Protect Your Google Forms

Google Forms allows you to toggle on and off accepting responses. However, sometimes you do not want to turn off responses but rather restrict who is filling out the Form. Create a Short Answer Question Add a short answer question to your Google Form asking for the...

Google Forms: Adding Sections

You probably are not in the habit of creating sections in a Google Form but I would recommend you use sections often. Create Pages Think of sections like pages. If you have a lot of questions you want to break it up into pages. Last Icon on the Toolbar When adding...

Google Slides for Breakout Rooms

Use Google Slides in Breakout Rooms No matter if you use Zoom or Google Meet or another video product to do breakout rooms with students, consider having a Google Slides per group. First Slide Built into my First Slide Add-on I have created a way to manage Google...

Certify’em Add-on: How to Change the Passing Percentage

I love using Certify'em!! This is an easy way for students to demonstrate mastery from Google Forms. INSTALL Certify'em Add-on Certify’em is a tool that lets you send a certificate when someone passes a quiz in a Google Form. Use it to reward and excite students or...

Use Hashtags in Google Keep

Google Keep is a tool I use every day. Think digital sticky notes... But Google style, so they are collaborative and work with Docs and Slides. Hashtags are Labels Using hashtags in a Google Keep note helps you to search for things you want to get back to. Using a...

Google Forms: Paste a LOT of Student Names

Tip for using Google Forms: Try to use Multiple Choice and Drop Down options as often as possible. When you let students or others fill in the Form with open response answers it is difficult to sort and filter by that response. If possible, add a drop down list of the...

Insert Button into Google Sites

Google Sites websites allow you to add a button to the pages. Buttons are very helpful to bring attention to links you particularly want students to click on. Insert Menu While editing your Google Site, notice the "Insert" tab in the right side bar. Scroll down a bit...

Teach Math for Deep Understanding By Sunil Singh

"We fumble teaching kids mathematics right from the start. We continue the historical trepidation of negative numbers in school. Teach math for deep meaning and understanding vs. temporary correctness for some benign test." - Sunil Singh Try Zero Sums No more...

MATH: Saving GeoGebra Files

I have really been getting into GeoGebra for teaching math. Geometry Puzzles I created several puzzles in GeoGebra for my students to show the properties of parallelograms. Google Slides of Puzzles Notice the GeoGebra file link in the speaker notes. I...

Free Checklist Template – Google Sheets

Google Sheets is great for creating a checklist in. You can share the spreadsheet with others to check off tasks. You can sort and filter your checklist. I created template that allows you to create your checklist and when you check off the items the checkbox turns...

Why We Love Google Apps – Version History

Version history allows you to see the edits in a Google Doc, Sheets, Slides, or Sites. When you make edits in the document it is recorded as a version and you can revert back to the version any time! Link to the Google Slides presentation File Menu In Google Docs,...

Duplicate Objects in GeoGebra

GeoGebra is an excellent way to let students explore math concepts. GeoGebra is great for grades K - college. When creating elements in a GeoGebra applet you will need to be able to duplicate objects. Tim Brzezinzski, the GeoGebra expert, helps me, Victoria Thompson,...

Google Sheets: Edit in the Cell

This week I was asked.... when you need to go back to a cell, how do you edit the cell so as to not have to start over? Single Click to Replace Cell Text When you click on a cell and start typing it will override what is in the cell. Use Control Z to undo if you did...

Google Meet: See Yourself

The default in Google Meets video conferencing is that you are NOT a tile. You can find your video in the upper right hand corner of Google Meet. Add Yourself as a Tile Go to the upper right hand corner of Google Meet and find your video. Hover over your video to find...

Change Up Your Lessons with @Flocabulary

This is for all the educators and parents trying to teach kids and need a change up! Whether you want to get away from overusing worksheets or trying to reach your students socially emotionally, Flocabulary can help you do this very thing! Flocabulary offers units in...

Math Facts Without Worksheets

Math facts for many students, including myself when I was in elementary school, is anxiety producing. A worksheet filled with 30+ problems is hardly engaging either. A focus on number sense and viewing math as patterns helps students to get into math rather than fear...

Chromebook- Partial Screenshot

My standard rule in my class is to "take a screenshot and submit to Google Classroom." This lets me know what the student was working on and if I need to provide any support I have screenshots I can use to give advice or go over it with a student. Students can add up...

Your Google Drive is a Hot Mess

Let's be honest, we have not from the beginning of our use of Google Drive been diligent about organizing it and now it's a hot mess! Here are a few steps to help clean it up. Create a Hot Mess Folder Let's start fresh!!! In your Google Drive create a folder and call...

Google Slides: Hide Columns in First Slide

One of my most popular non published Add-ons is First Slide. This allows you to push slides to student Google Slides and to also grab the text off of their first slide so you can quickly read and give feedback. Spreadsheet The answer is...

Control W Close the Tab

Learn a keyboard shortcut a week!! Saving microseconds add up! As you review student work... Use Control W to close the tab. Save yourself the long trip to the top of the screen to close the tab. Make a post it. Put it at the top of your screen and remind yourself to...

Chrome Browser: Confirm Control Q to Quit

It is way too easy to accidentally use Control Q to quit Chrome. You can prevent this by enabling a warning in the Chrome Settings. Chrome Settings In the upper right hand corner of Chrome is a 3 dots "More options" icon. Click on this and go to Settings. Appearance...

[Template] Translate Meeting Chat to ALL Languages I was talking with a teacher who is teaching students who come from a variety of backgrounds. The issue she was having while on a video meeting was the chat. The chat doesn't translate and there were more than two languages being spoken....

Chromebook Minecraft: Teaching with Minecraft

Minecraft is the perfect tool for remote learning or face to face to engage students in learning activities. Now, Minecraft: Education Edition is available on the Chromebook! To get started your school will need FREE Microsoft accounts for the students. Visit...

Essential Google Apps: Anyone With the Link Can View

Recently Google has updated the interface for how to share documents. By default documents you create are private. Changing the settings then defaults to sharing at your school. To allow parents and those outside of your domain to see your documents you need to take...

Google Slides: Use Titles

Many of us are using Google Slides to build interactive student activities. You can link to another slide in the Google Slides to help students navigate. Titles are the Slide Name When hyperlinking to a slide (Control K) you want to select "Slides in this...

Snagit for Screenshots, Video, and Animated GIF’s

I LOVE SNAGIT! I can not live without it. It is how I do almost all of my screenshots. This is how I record my videos usually. It is a one button click to create an animated GIF that I can drag into my Google Apps. It's amazing, easy, and powerful. Educator Discount...

Using the Stream on Google Classroom

The Stream on Google Classroom is your landing page for you class but it is NOT your class website. It is NOT intended to be a place to organize your work, resources or announcements. In fact, you have very little control over organizing the Stream. The Stream is your...

Google Meet Breakout Rooms – Enterprise Feature

Google Meet video chat is FREE and integrated into Google Classroom if your G Suite apps admin has it enabled. Did you know there are 2 tiers to G Suite for Education? Most features are free. However for an additional fee schools can upgrade their free G Suite Google...

Alert: Recoding Google Meet ENDS September 30 2020

In response to school closures in March G Suite for Education enabled Enterprise features of being able to record Google Meet for all G Suite for Education domains. Free Recoding Google Meet Ends September 30, 2020 More Info on Meet for Distance Learning Enterprise G...

Delay the Start of School – Give Teachers Training

Many teachers are finding out this week that the start of school is going to be remote learning for the entire first semester. Or at least for the start. Or hybrid. It takes a lot of training to know how to teach remotely. It is folly to think teachers will suddenly...

MAGICALLY go Remote with Automagical Forms

Many schools are starting remotely in the Fall and this is going to necessitate getting some materials into Google Forms. Google Forms is an amazing way to have students submit their work digitally. You do not have to open up individual PDF's and hope that the screen...

Stepping Up to Google Classroom
Pre-order Stepping Up to Google Classroom at

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Also check out Vicki Davis (Cool Cat Teacher) and Alice Keeler demo on Facebook Live using Google Classroom from both the student and the teacher view.

Google Classroom

By design, Google Classroom fosters interactions and collaboration. However, you have to use it that way! Your first step is to decide that Google Classroom is your home base. Post everything to Google Classroom even if it is not an activity that requires digital elements. You can always provide digital feedback and students can ask a digital question, no matter the task. Classroom is Google Drive management, meaning it connects to your Google Drive to help you deliver a dynamic and collaborative learning experience with students. All student documents are loaded to a folder in Google Drive for you to easily find and assess student work.

Alice Keeler Books on Amazon

New to Google Classroom? Check out the new book “Stepping Up to Google Classroom – 50 Steps for Beginners” by Alice Keeler and Kim Mattina. Once you’ve progressed past the basics you can go further with “50 Things to Go Further with Google Classroom” available on Amazon in both paperback and on Kindle. Bulk discounts are available for the book by contacting Also check out “Teaching Math with Google Apps“,  “Ditch That Homework“, and “Google Apps for Littles.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom with Classwork Page

It Is HERE: Google Classroom

20 Steps To Get Started with the New Google Classroom

Remote Learning with Google Classroom – Start Small

Student Quick Guide to Google Classroom

Start Guide for Students

32 Videos to Get Going in Google Classroom

11 Things to Start with in Google Classroom

5 Tips for Google Classroom

Adding Students

FREE: Google Classroom Header Template

Super Happy: The Stream is BACK!

Move to the Top of the Stream

CAUTION: Copies Make a GIANT MESS of Your Google Drive

Navigate Classroom – Use the Browser Back Arrow

Identify Who Did Work in Google Classroom

The To-Do List in Google Classroom

Duplicate the Tab

Bookmark the To-Do Page

Shortcut to the To-Do Page

Have CONTROL Over Your Links – Hold Down the Control Key

Copy Class Code on Web and Mobile

Display the Class Code

Make Your OWN Grades

Step One – Organize Your Topics

Topics as Dates

Dragging Topics in Google Classroom

Filter Classwork by Topic

Click on the Topic

Find the Google Drive Folder

STAR Your Originals in Google Drive

Schedule Assignments

Adding PhET Sims to Google Classroom

Giving Feedback in Google Docs, Exit Suggestion Mode

Remind Yourself to Give Feedback

Respond to Feedback Topic

Back to Classwork Quickly – Google Classroom

Copy Link to an Assignment

Quickly Add Video Directions

Google Classroom Comment Bank

Pop Out Student Documents

Directions: Unlink Documents in Google Classroom

Email Student Work Summary

Three Rounds of Writing in Google Classroom

Update Your Google Classroom Header

View More in Google Classroom

Student Chooser in the Mobile App of Google Classroom

Email Selected Students

Assignment Templates

Rubrics: Click the Title

2015 – 2018 Google Classroom Tutorials and Blog Posts

Below are links to my Google Classroom blog posts for the pre-2018 Google Classroom. Most of them are still relevant and useful. Screenshots will be out of date for many of them but not so badly that you can not easily make adjustments for the new Google Classroom.  Here is a playlist of videos for the pre-2018 Google Classroom.

Start with Google Classroom: Impact Learning

Google Classroom Video Guide by Alice Keeler

Google Classroom Start Here – Type

Google Classroom: Display the Class Code

50 Things You Can Do With Google Classroom

11 Things to Start with in Google Classroom 

35 Additional Things You Can Do With Google Classroom

A Tour of Google Classroom

Getting Started with Google Classroom

Google Classroom Essentials Infographic

6 Updates to Google Classroom for Fall 2015

Google Classroom: Find the Class Code (It Moved)

Google Classroom: Copy the Code

Google Classroom Deployment: Advice from David Malone

4 Year Olds Log into Google Classroom

Google Classroom: What do Kids do First?

60 Ways Math Teachers Can Use Google Classroom 

Google Classroom: Student Quick-Sheet Guide

Google Classroom Essentials Infographic

Google Classroom: 8 Essential Tips Infographic

Google Classroom Chrome Extension

For STUDENTS: Chrome Extension – Classroom Split

10 Things That Students Want To Know about Google Classroom

Students 5 Steps to Google Classroom [Infographic]

10 Ways to Use Google Classroom for Higher Ed

5 Tips for Google Classroom from Teachercast

5 Things You May Not Know About Google Classroom

Google Classroom: 6 Tips to Level Up

2 Tips for Student-Centered Classrooms with Google Classroom

Google Classroom: Do Not Jump In The Deep End

Google Classroom: Middle Option = Collaborate

Google Slides: Collaborate in 40 Seconds

Google Classroom: Assign to Multiple Classes

6 Uses for Google Classroom Ask a Question

Differentiate Assignments with Google Classroom

Google Classroom: Hear From Everyone

Next Steps with Google Classroom

Google Classroom: Make Learning Better with Conversations

iPads & Google Classroom – Multi-User Device

Google Classroom: Posting a Daily Warm-Up

Google Classroom + Google Forms = Magic

How to Add a Google Form to Google Classroom

Google Classroom: LMS or NOT?

Using Google Classroom with an LMS

Google Classroom: Numbering Assignments

Auto Number Assignment Documents

Google Classroom: Do Not Go Digital

Google Classroom: Add Images of Analog Work

Google Classroom: Co-Teacher & Draft Assignments

Google Classroom: Save as Draft

Google Classroom: Add a Co-Teacher

Google Classroom: Viewing Rights

Google Classroom: 8 Steps Workflow to Create Files [Infographic]

Google Classroom: Make a Copy for Each Student

Google Classroom: Schedule That Assignment

New Feature! Add Topics to Google Classroom

Google Classroom: OOPS, Fixing Assignments When You Forgot to Make Copies

Google Classroom: Stop Being a Slave to the Copy Machine

Google Classroom: Private Comment as Assignment

Search private comments My Respond to Private Comments in Google Classroom Workflow

Google Classroom: Emoji Feedback

Google Classroom: Link to An Assignment

5 Potential Mistakes in Google Classroom

Google Classroom: Submit Screenshots

Google Classroom: Submit a Screenshot and use DriveSlides

Google Classroom: Have Students Create a Google Doc

Google Classroom: Add and Create

Google Classroom: Using Google Forms

Google Classroom: Students, Easily Find Your Work

Google Classroom: Assignment List

Google Classroom: Assignment Naming Conventions

Google Classroom: See Submission History

Google Classroom: Move to Top – BACKWARDS

Google Classroom: Use Someone Else’s Template

Google Classroom: Let’s Make the Grade

Google Classroom: Grading Updates

Google Classroom – Grade the Folder

Google Classroom: Return Student Work

Google Classroom: Invisible Feedback

Google Classroom: 6 Students Finished After I Reviewed

Google Classroom: Returning Optional Work

Google Classroom: Student Did Not Mark As Done: RETURN IT

Google Classroom: Unsubmit Work

Google Classroom – Late Work Notifications

Google Classroom: Submitting Late Work

Google Classroom: Reply Notifications for a Question

Google Classroom: Extend the Due Date for Some

Google Classroom: Opening Multiple Student Documents Quickly

Google Classroom – Changing Grading Status on a Student Document

Google Classroom: Reply With Your Initials

Google Classroom: Reply to Class Comment

Google Classroom: 9 Tips For Attaching Google Drive Files

Google Classroom: Using a Writing Journal

Google Classroom: Submit Short URL’s

Google Classroom: Submitting Collaborative Google Slides

Google Classroom: Indicate Templates Attached

Google Classroom: Record Video Straight to Classroom

Using Google Classroom to Differentiate Assignments

Google Classroom: Resubmit Assignments

Google Classroom: Grab and Update a Post from Last Year

Google Classroom: Edit Slides Not Copy

Google Classroom: New Semester – Start a New Class

Google Classroom: Manage the Email Explosion

Google Classroom: Guardians Who Need a Google Account

Google Classroom: Self Evaluation Rubric

Google Classroom – Create Your Own Theme Image

My Google Classroom Feedback Workflow

Google Classroom: Provide Feedback Faster

Google Classroom: Leave Feedback Screenshots

Google Classroom: Use Control F

Google Classroom: Hold Down the Control Key

Google Classroom: Star Your Templates
Google Drive: Star Your Documents

Google Classroom: Workflow for Creating Documents

Google Classroom: Keep Materials in the Class Folder

Google Classroom: Locate Documents for Multiple Classes

Google Classroom: Edit Slides Not Copy

Google Classroom: Who Deleted Student Answers?!

Google Classroom: Students Need Side by Side Windows

Google Classroom: Use P to Preview Student Work

Google Classroom: Feedback Faster with Chrome Extension Open Side by Side

Google Classroom: Change Docs to Can Comment

Google Classroom: Quick Share and Peer Comment

Google Classroom: New Way to Create a Post

Google Classroom: Make EVERYTHING an Assignment

Google Classroom Assignment: Click On Attachment Title to Edit

Google Classroom: Reuse an Assignment

Google Classroom: UNCHECK Duplicate Attachments

Google Classroom: Start with Gmail and Let it Load

Google Classroom – Using RubricTab to Assess Students

Google Classroom: Sharing Student Work Exemplars & Peer Evaluation

Google Classroom: Office Hours or Video Tutoring

Google Classroom: Viewing Student Work in Google Drive [infographic]

Google Classroom: Grading with Drive’s Preview Mode

Google Classroom: Grading with Zero or One

Google Classroom: Check In with Students

Google Classroom – Go Mobile

Google Classroom Mobile App

10 Mobile Google Classroom Tips

Unleash the Power: A Quick Look at Google Classroom for the iPad

Google Classroom: Share Assignments with Parents/Reuse Assignments Next Year

Google Classroom: Understanding the Classroom Folder

Google Classroom: Find Student Files in Google Drive

Google Classroom: Back Arrow

Google Classroom: Individual Student View

Google Classroom: Writing Assignment Directions

Google Classroom: Assigning to Small Groups

Google Classroom: Create Group Documents

Google Classroom: Updated Group Docs Maker

Google Classroom: Turning in Group Work

Google Classroom: Link to Other Google Classes

Free Response on Google Slides

Put a Hashtag in the Google Classroom Assignment Title

Google Classroom: Filter Gmail for Private Comments

Google Classroom: Guardian Emails – Only One Teacher Enters Email

Google Classroom: Find Classes Faster

Google Classroom: Edit Class Name

Google Classroom: Add a Class Hashtag

Google Classroom: No Student Email

Google Classroom: Share Classroom Folder

Google Classroom: Create a Shared Folder

Google Classroom: Rearrange the Class Tiles

Google Classroom: Point Values

If You Look At Student Work Take a Screenshot

Google Classroom: Creating a Discussion Board

Google Classroom: Change the Class Code

Google Classroom: Class Code Badge

Google Classroom: Work with Other Schools – Whitelist a Domain

Go Further with Google Classroom

Google Classroom: Pin All Your Classes

Google Classroom: Collaborate with Aww Web Whiteboard

New Google Sites + Google Classroom

Google Classroom: Summer EdTech Challenge

Remind App + Google Classroom = Teacher Tip Tuesday

10 Reasons to Introduce Google Classroom to Blackboard

Google Classroom: Use This Image for Students Turning in Work

Google Classroom: Sharing or Submitting a Google Drive Folder

Google Classroom: Provide Links

7 Hacks for Google Classroom

Google Classroom: TemplateTab for Groups

Google Classroom: Video Playlists in a Video Library

Google Classroom: Add Other Documents to Class Folder

Google Classroom: List ALL Your Student Files

Google Classroom: Turn in Group Work with a Google Form

Google Classroom: Clean Up Your Folders

Google Classroom: Review Images Magically

OMG – Google Classroom For Gmail Accounts


Google Classroom and Newsela

How to Share Elementary Videos


Google Classroom in Transitional Kindergarten

Google Classroom: Pull Student Paragraphs and Give Feedback

Google Classroom: DELETE Calendars

Google Classroom: Students Submit Bitmoji

Drag Downloaded Images to Google

20 Things You Can Do With Google Classroom

15 MORE Things You Can Do With Google Classroom

10 Additional Things You Can Do With Google Classroom

Cool Teacher Show: 50 Things You Can Do With Google Classroom

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