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Big Announcement – Schoolytics.com

Alice Keeler will be joining the Schoolytics team.
Big Announcement – Schoolytics.com
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For 2021-2022 I will still be teaching high school math part time. Additionally, I was recently introduced to Schoolytics for student assignment interactions data from Google Classroom. FINALLY! Student progress reports, missing assignments reports. I love data and coding. I believe that when we have timely data that can help us to change our instruction and know which students need supports that we can truly make learning better. I have asked the Schoolytics team to bring me on as a coder developer for the platform. I will be working part time for Schoolytics this next year.

Note: Schoolytics has added dot com so it is how https://www.schoolytics.com/

Schoolytics student summary data

Free for Teachers

Schoolytics is FREE FOR TEACHERS! Go to schoolytics.io and login with your Google account. Immediately you will have access to your Google Classroom data. (Note that other platforms such as Canvas are being developed, stay tuned.)

Your free teacher account allows you to select a data range to see which students are completing assignments and which students need additional supports. Create student groups to quickly access Google Classroom information about students of focus. Get progress reports for students in both PDF or Google Docs format. Email students a list of their missing assignments.

log into Schoolytics or view the live demo.

When using the demo on the Schoolytics website, note that it defaults to administrator view. Use the drop down at the top right to switch roles.

Parent Portal

As teachers we can, for free, individually download progress reports of students as a Google Doc or as a PDF to share with guardians. This is a much improved progress report over the Guardian Summary provided in Google Classroom.

As part of the Pro-Admin version of Schoolytics guardians will be able to access their students full progress reports. This is a Beta feature and Schoolytics is looking for input on how the parent portal can be helpful to guardians, students, and teachers.

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