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Hide All Tabs – Google Sheets

Have a lot of tabs in your Google Sheets spreadsheet? Here is how to hide all tabs at once, quickly.
Hide All Tabs – Google Sheets

A spreadsheet I am working with has over 50 tabs. To switch back and forth between the 2 tabs I am mainly using is not as quick as I would like it to be. Most tabs won’t be used anytime soon… The solution? Hide all tabs I’m not actively using to get them out of your way. It’s easy to find the hidden tabs in Google Sheets. So now, I just need a faster way to hide all tabs. I have sped this up with Quick Crop Add-on for Google Sheets. It is 100% free and collects NO user data. 

Quick Crop Add-on

Crop Google Sheets™ quickly. Plus other quick spreadsheet needs such as hide other sheets.

Created by AliceKeeler – Collects NO user data. Completely free

Quick Crop Add-on for Google Sheets

My son Jackson created this Add-on for Google Sheets as his first attempt at creating an Add-on. By default your spreadsheet has 1000 rows and 26 columns. For many projects, you do not need that many and you might want to reduce the rows and columns to the ones you are using. 

Use the Extensions menu to select Quick Crop to crop the sheet to your selected range. Have 6 cells highlighted? With Quick Crop your spreadsheet is restricted to just those rows and columns. 

Additional Free Features with Quick Crop Add-on

Needing some other quick ways to manage my spreadsheets I have added additional features. Currently one of the additional features is to choose a random value from the current column, great for calling on students. Move the current tab to the front, I got tired of dragging the tab at the end to the beginning. Wrap & Sort is for Google Forms users who want to quickly sort their Google Form results in reverse. 

Hide Other Sheets

The option “Hide Other Sheets” will hide all tabs except for the current tab. 

To do this manually you can click on the tiny triangle on each sheet and select “Hide sheet.” You can do it a little faster by holding down the Control key and selecting multiple tabs. With multiple tabs selected, right click on a tab to “Hide sheet” which will hide all of the sheets selected. Or just use the Extensions menu and select Quick Crop to “Hide Other Sheets.” 

Show All the Sheets

Want to get your tabs back? Click on the “Big Mac” (4 lines in the bottom left) to select the hidden sheet you want to work on. Easy peasy. However, if you want to bring back multiple sheets that are hidden, you can do this with Quick Crop. “Show All Sheets” option will bring al the hidden sheets back. 

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