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Google Classroom: Who Did Work?

Quick who did work in google classroom
Google Classroom: Who Did Work?
Who did work in Google Classroom

After Assigning Work, Who is Working On It?

No matter what way you cut it, autopsy feedback is never as effective as feedback before a student thinks they are done. The BEST way to do this? Sit next to a kid. However this is not always feasible in the time constraints we are given. Google Apps is a game changer for giving feedback during the process rather than after.

Intro to Google Classroom

Google Drive

When students have work in Google Classroom it is automatically organized into a folder in Google Drive. Open any assignment and locate the Google Drive assignment folder icon under the “Turned In, Assigned” count.

Sort Last Modified

Google Drive gives you some awesome DATA. Sort by “Last modified” and notice if it says “me” or the student’s name. This way you can quickly tell who has been doing work and who to give feedback quickly on.

When I opened the Google Drive folder I noticed NO ONE had done any work since I assigned it. Okay, then I will open NO documents. Time saved. By using the data in Drive for who last modified a document I can more efficiently use my time to give students feedback on their work… before they think they are done.

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