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google classroom folders

Previously I had blogged on assignment naming conventions for Google Classroom. The more I use Google Classroom the more I am liking numbering my assignments. I have numbered my assignments for years. When attempting to enter grades into the gradebook it is easy to find where to input assignment #012, it is next to #011. No more scrolling through and overlooking an assignment. Numbering assignments also makes student conversations about work significantly easier. “Joe, you are missing assignments #013, #027 and #067.” It is easier to jot this on a piece of paper and solves some confusion problems about which assignment we are talking about exactly.

Google Classroom

When you make an assignment in Google Classroom it automatically creates a folder in your Google Drive with the same name. If you have your Drive set to organize by name, they are sorted alphabetically rather than the order you numbered it. Google Classroom does make it easy to locate the folders. Within the assignment status screen there is a button to launch the folder in Google Classroom. folder

However, if you want to look directly in your Google Drive the organization can be really nice.

3 Digit Numbers

I recommend you start each assignment with a 3 digit sequential number. The way a computer “alphabetizes” numbers clusters 1, 11 and 110 together and 2, 22 and 210 together. Always using a 3 digit number will solve this problem.

Assignment Title

Start the assignment with #001, #002, etc… number assignments google classroom

Assignment Resources

To help students clearly identify which resources go along with which assignment, start the document titles with the assignment number also. google classroom number resources

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