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Google Classroom: Your Work Bubble

Google Classroom Your Work Bubble

Google Classroom: Your Work Bubble

Google Classroom Your Work Bubble

Students Have Work in “Your Work”

Google Classroom allows students to submit their work digitally. To access their work they need to click on the assignment stripe on the Stream or on the Classwork page click on “View Assignment.” This takes them to the assignment screen with the full directions posted.

Your Work Bubble

In the upper right of the assignment screen is a “Your Work” bubble. There students can locate any copies you made for them, or “Add or Create” their own files.
Your Work Bubble

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No Attachments

This has double meaning, first there are NO attachments in Google Classroom. If students click on “Add” to add files to their assignment those files are uploaded to Google Drive. What is seen in Classroom is only a link to the files not the file itself. You can locate any files students upload directly in Google Drive.

If a student has no files linked to the assignment the button will say “Mark as done.” Many assignments require no submission just that they indicate they have completed the task.

Assignment Screen in Google Classroom

Put EVERYTHING in Classroom

If it’s worth saying it is worth putting into Google Classroom. Eliminate “What did I miss?”. There are a lot of things we do during the day that is not for a grade (rookie teacher mistake, thinking you need to grade every scrap a kid touches.) Kids can still “Mark as done” to indicate they have finished. This gives you an opportunity to leave digital observation notes or feedback even on non graded activities.

Add or Create

Clicking on the “Add or create” button allows students to upload a file either from their computer or Google Drive or to create a brand new Google Apps document. The best part, it puts their name on it!

Add or Create button

Click Document Title

Work added by the teacher or added/created by the student appear in the “Your work” bubble. Students click on the linked document title to launch in a new tab.

Click Document Title

Once students “Turn in” the work the teacher becomes the owner of the document and the student becomes a viewer of the document. Note that viewers can NOT see in doc comments. It is essential that the teacher RETURNS the students work. Classroom is designed to return. This releases the students score and returns ownership of the document tot allow them to see in doc comments.



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