You can add a rubric to a Google Classroom assignment using Google Sheets. This is my preferred way.


Make a copy of the rubric template to help you successfully upload your rubric. It has to be in a specific format. I created a no code template.

Rename Spreadsheet

Google Sheets automatically saves to Google Drive. No need to do anything once you enter your rubric information. However, to make it easy to find when adding rubrics to Google Classroom I suggest you rename the spreadsheet to something meaningful and use the word rubric in the title so when you search Google Drive you can find it.

Add Criteria Title and Description

The format that Google Classroom requires has some information in rows 1 and 2, I have hidden those. You don’t need to look at them, but they need to be there.

The criteria goes in the yellow cell in column A and you can describe generically what that means in the blue cell in column A.

Put criteria title into the yellow cell A1 and description into A2

When you enter a criteria title and description this will automatically create a new criteria row and description.

New criteria row automatically appears

Level Descriptions

Read up on researcher Dr. Thomas Guskey who says to not use “Exceeds” on your rubric. What you expect is your top category. As per Dr. Guskey’s recommendation I have defaulted the levels in the rubric to be “Meets standard.” You can modify these in the green cells. These descriptions will be copied to each criteria row.

In the pink cells you can give a detailed explanation of what you expect in order to reach each level.

Delete Title and Description

A new row for criteria title and description will continue to appear as you add criteria. Simply delete the yellow “title” and blue “description” and this will stop the automatic row generation.

No Save Button

Google Sheets has no save button. Simply close the spreadsheet.

Rubric in Google Classroom

In Google Classroom, when creating an assignment, click on the Rubric. button and choose “Import from Sheets.” Your rubric will be right there. Easy peasy.

Scoring Guide

If you are creating a scoring guide I have a template for this as well:

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