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Previously I created a rubric template that allows you to create a rubric, paste your class roster, and then create a copy of the rubric for each student to make evaluation for your class easy. I have upgraded the script (Add-On) so that it now creates a spreadsheet for each student to share with them their rubric evaluation. The script also automatically creates a roster of each student’s score, percentage, comments and individual category assessment for the teacher.


Click Here to make a copy of the template.


After creating a copy of the template paste your class roster and email addresses into columns A and B. Hint, do make a copy of this spreadsheet to use as YOUR template so you do not have to copy and paste student rosters next time.
Student roster in columns A and B



Save the template into a folder. When you create the student spreadsheets, they will be created in the same folder.

For every assignment you create in Google Classroom, a folder of the same name is created in Google Drive. Drill down from the “Classroom” folder in Google Drive, to the class folder to the assignment folder. You can access this quickly in Google Classroom by clicking on the “Folder” button from the assignment.
Click on folder button in the assignment grading page.

Save your copy of RubricTab for that particular assignment into the assignment folder. This ensures that each student copy of the spreadsheet is saved into the Google Classroom assignment folder for that assignment.
Save Spreadsheet IN the folder in Google Classroom


On the next tab is a template to create a rubric.
Edit This Rubric Tab

Parts to the Rubric

You will want to design the template of the rubric that you will use with each student.
Rubric explaining the parts

  1. Leave student name blank. This is the template for the rubric.
  2. Type the assignment title into cell F1. The assignment title will be used to create spreadsheets for each student titled with the assignment title.
  3. Place the number of points possible in cell D3.
  4. Leave comments blank. This is the template for the rubric.
  5. Row 8 sets the percentage value each category weights at. Remember, when rubric scoring that a rubric score does NOT translate to a percentage. In other words, a score of 2 out of 4 is NOT 50%. You can edit the default percentages.
  6. By default, each rubric criteria is equally weighted. Delete these default percentages and replace them with your desired values.
  7. Replace the criteria text with your criteria for the rubric.
  8. Replace the default criteria descriptions with your own description. Note that each cell has a formula for the default text. To change the default text, single click on the cell and start typing your description.
  9. You can add additional criteria in column C. Start typing your 5th criteria in C13 and so on.

Sample Rubric

Sample Rubric

Run Add-On

From the Add-On menu, choose “Copy of RubricTab.” From the slide out menu choose “Create rubrics.” This will create a copy of the rubric for each student on your roster.
Add On Menu

Authorize the App

You will be prompted to authorize the Add-On script being used.

Assess Student Work

A tab was created for each student on the roster. Click on each tab and assess the student against the roster. By default, the student is evaluated as a 4 out of 4 for each criterion. Change the values to 3, 2, 1 or 0. This template does not accommodate decimal values. Leave the student a comment in the comment box. The score is automatically calculated for you.

Create Spreadsheets

After you have assessed the work of all of the students, go back to the Add-On menu. From there choose “Copy of RubricTab.” From the menu options, choose “Create student spreadsheets.”
Copy of RubricTab add on and create student spreadsheets

This will create a Google Sheets spreadsheet for each student. The spreadsheet contains a copy of their rubric evaluation, including score and comments. The student can find their individual spreadsheet in their Google Drive. An email was also sent to the student to alert them that their work has been evaluated.

The spreadsheet is shared with the student explicitly. The other students do NOT have access to each others rubric assessments. The student can find their rubric spreadsheet in Google Drive.

Google Classroom

If you would like to use this rubric scoring in Google Classroom, return to the roster tab. A link to the student spreadsheet was created on the roster tab. Unfortunately there is no way to automatically push the links to the individual rubrics to Classroom.
Link to Document

Copy the link to the document and paste it into the comments section of the assignment in Google Classroom. Use Side by Side windows to copy and paste the URL of the spreadsheet into the comments back to the student. This allows the student to easily find their assessment score from the assignment in Classroom.
Copy Rubric to Google Classroom


Note: If you accidentally copy and paste the wrong link you are not compromising student privacy. The spreadsheet is shared explicitly with the student who was evaluated. Only the teacher and student have access to this spreadsheet. Other students would receive an error if they clicked on the rubric link of a different student.

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