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Google Classroom: Assigning to Small Groups

Google Classroom: Assigning to Small Groups

Small Groups

When assigning work to small groups of students instead of the whole class the trick is to include the audience in the description or document title. Clearly indicate in the description who the assignment is for. Other students can ignore the assignment or just click mark as done.

Which student which document

When creating small groups I will create a spreadsheet listing the student names and what group they are in. I attach this into the assignment so students can easily find which group they are in. Either I assign them a group or set the spreadsheet as “Students can edit file” to allow them to sign up for a group. Students then open the attachment that goes along with their group.
Google classroom list group members

Make a Copy

While it is nice that you can attach documents for students in Google Classroom as students receive a copy, students can easily make their own copy of a document through the File menu. Attach files in Google Classroom as “Students can view file.” Indicate in the directions that a student should make a copy of the file and share with group members. The student who makes the copy will go to Google Classroom and click “Add” and add the document from Google Drive. This shares the document with the teacher and it is now accessible through Google Drive. Group members can not turn in documents they are not the owner of. Instead of adding from Google Drive, group members will add a link to the document.
Google Classroom add as can view

One group member will want to open the #021 assignment template.
Rename the file to include the group member names
Use the File menu to make a copy of the template
Click on the blue share button and share the document with group members.
Go to Google Classroom and click on OPEN
Click on ADD
Add your groups document from Google Drive.
Group members will want to attach the link to the document 

111 thoughts on “Google Classroom: Assigning to Small Groups

  1. I’ve been playing around with doctopus and autocrat to help with the distribution of files. Still haven’t come up with my ideal workflow and continuing to play with it.

  2. I’ve done this with lit. circles… It’s a good technique for small group collaboration. I still think Google can do much better by incorporating small group formation into an assignment option. There’s no need for every group to be assigned all the other group’s assignments…. We need to give them some feedback… Thanks for sharing…

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