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Google Classroom: Submit a Screenshot and use DriveSlides

Submit screenshots to Google Classroom

Have Students Take Screenshots

I have been 1:1 almost my entire teaching career. One of my go to’s is to have students take screenshots and submit them. This not only holds students accountable for what they have been working on during the period it helps me to provide help and feedback if students need it.

Folder of Screenshots

In Google Classroom, after clicking on the assignment title in the Stream, there is a folder icon that opens up that assignment in Google Drive. Any files submitted to Google Classroom for that assignment are located in that Google Drive folder. This can be a much nicer way to view the screenshots than clicking on each student individually. Try pressing P for preview within Google Drive to preview the screenshots without having to load up each one.
Folder in Google Classroom assignment


If you are using Chrome you can use the DriveSlides Chrome extension to view the screenshots all at once.
Google Drive folder and chrome extension

Link to DriveSlides Chrome Extension

Google Slides

Viewing the folder, click the DriveSlides Chrome extension to create a Google Slides with each screenshot on it’s own slide. Note: The extension is limited to 30 screenshots. You can right click on the extension and choose “Options” to change the max to 50 images.
50 images

If you have more than 50 images in the folder, which is pretty likely in this scenario, add a folder to the folder and drag a chunk of the images into the subfolder. Use DriveSlides on the subset and then copy and paste those slides into the other DriveSlides Google Slides presentation you created with the remainder of images.

Add Images from Drive

DriveSlides, of course, puts everyone’s screenshots all together into one Google Slides. Not that helpful for giving individual feedback. If you do need to give a student individual feedback on their particular screenshots you may want to try this workflow.

  • Control T – New tab
  • http://slides.google.com/create
  • Insert->Image->Google Drive
  • Insert comments or add additional slides with helpful feedback.
  • Tip: Try WebCam Record to video capture your feedback and add that to one of the slides.
  • Use the AnyoneCanView Chrome extension to automatically change the sharing permissions and copy the link to your clipboard.
  • Paste the link to the Google Slides in the Private Comments of Google Classroom.

Paste link to Google Slides in the private comments

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