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Four Activities to Celebrate Halloween in your Math Class by @jmacattak

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Halloween Math

Celebrate Halloween with Fun Math Activities – All Treats, No Tricks

A Guest Post by John McGowan, Product Manager, Texthelp

At Texthelp, we love Halloween. After all, it gives you the opportunity to take things that are normally scary (spiders, ghosts, clowns) and turn them into something fun. Who doesn’t love a good costume party?!

For a lot of students, math can be very scary. If you’re not confident in math, solving a math problem can be just as intimidating as entering a haunted house.

For this Halloween, we want to help your students make math less scary, with 4 fun Halloween activities that you can do with EquatIO, our digital STEM tool.

Activity 1

See how many different Jack-o-Lanterns your students can come up with in this fun combinations problem.

Activity 2

All you’ll need are some dice for this pumpkin-themed activity about probability.

Activity 3

What’s Halloween without a pumpkin tossing word problem? It’ll help your students learn about Quadratic Regression.

Activity 4

Make a Halloween-themed image with EquatIO’s Graph Editor. Share it on Twitter with #EerieEquatIO. If you’re chosen as the Wicked Winner of the challenge, you and your class will win “I Heart Math” t-shirts.

Enjoy spooking things up a bit this Halloween!

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