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Automate – Share Calendar Events With Yourself

Automate – Share Calendar Events With Yourself
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Recently I started a new part time job at http://schoolytics.com I’m super excited about the new job, but this means having multiple Google Calendars to check and make sure I’m in the right place. I have coded a way to automate my Calendar events to auto add myself. See below to grab the script. 
Google Apps ScriptYou can code Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms… AND CALENDAR. Using a few lines of JavaScript in an Apps Script file you can add your personal email to your work calendar events. 

Make a Copy

Click on the i on the left hand side and use the copy icon.

Replace the Email Address

On line 3 of the script is a fake email address. Change this to the email address you wish to add to the calendar events. Make sure the email address is in single quotes. 

Number of Days

The code is set to look for the calendar events for the next 12 days and automate adding the email to those events within those days. You can change the number of days from 12. Suggestion to not do too many. Apps Script will only run for 5 minutes on a Gmail account and 30 minutes on an EDU account. If you have a lot of events in the date range it might time out before finishing adding all the events. 

Save and Run

Click the save icon in the toolbar and the run button. This will run the script one time.

Set a Trigger

You probably do not want to just automate adding your personal email one time, you want to automate it also going forward. Click on the clock icon on the left hand side to turn on a trigger. 

Click on “Add Trigger”

Select type of time based trigger

How often do you want the script to look for new calendar events? I set mine to 4 hours. So I used the “Hour” trigger instead of day trigger. And selected 4 hours instead of hourly. 


After saving the trigger will run the script on a schedule and it will keep doing it until you go back and tell it not to. 

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