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Hold Down the Control Key on the Internet

Hold Down the Control Key on the Internet
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When you are using the Internet and want to click on a link, this typically causes you to lose your place. It leaves that webpage and loads another one.

Hold Down the Control Key

Control Key

When you hold down the Control key when you click on a link it causes it to open in a new window. This allows you to not lose your place on the webpage. I use this especially when I do a Google Search. Most likely I will want to look at more than one of the search results.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is full of links!! I am in the habit of most things I click on in Google Classroom I hold down the Control key so it opens in a new tab. When in the assignment assessment screen, clicking on a students name will launch individual student view. I oftentimes notice… hmmm this student did not do the assignment. I want to see what other assignments they have not done…. I do not want to leave the assignment but I do want to investigate a particular students work history. Control key to the rescue. Hold down Control and click on their name to launch individual student view in a new tab.

Shift Key

Alternatively, you can use the SHIFT key when you click on links. This opens the destination in a new window instead of a new tab.

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