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Free Customized Guardian Contact Tracker- Google AppSheet

With Google AppSheet you can create a customized guardian contract tracker app for free. No coding necessary to log parent contacts.
Free Customized Guardian Contact Tracker- Google AppSheet

Have you ever wished you could create custom apps to streamline your classroom routines, engage students in new ways, or simply make your life as a teacher a little easier? Thanks to Google for Education, that dream is now a reality! Google AppSheet, a powerful no-code development platform, is available for free to educators, allowing you to build tailor-made apps without writing a single line of code. Let’s try your first app, with step by step instructions, for creating a customized guardian contact tracker. 

Step by Step Parent Contact Tracker

If you are new to Google AppSheet this step by step guardian contract tracker will help you see the power of AppSheet. AppSheet is a game-changer for anyone who wants to create custom apps but lacks coding knowledge. It’s an intuitive platform that lets you transform your data from Google Sheets into fully functional mobile and web apps.

Limitations of Free Google For Education Account

  • Limited Sharing: You can only share apps with users within your Google Workspace for Education domain (i.e., your school or district).
  • No External Deployment: AppSheet Core does not allow you to deploy apps outside of your domain for public or wider use.

1. Sign Up and Explore

Go to appsheet.com/and sign in with your Google for Education account. Take some time to explore the interface, tutorials, and sample apps to get a feel for how AppSheet works.

2. Create a Spreadsheet

Create a new spreadsheet or select an existing one with the data you want to use in your app. Give it a title like “Parent Contact Log.”

3. Add Columns

Customize this Sample Guardian Contact Tracker

Create the following columns (customize column names if desired):

  • Contact Key
    (All databases need a unique identifier, you will want a code system you use to indicate a particular contact. I smashed monthdayyearhourminute together)
  • Student Name
  • Parent/Guardian Name
    (Consider adding separate columns for first and last name if you want to use this data for personalized emails later)
  • Contact Date
    (Format this column as “Date” in Google Sheets)
  • Contact Time
  • Contact Method
    (Use a drop-down list with options like “Phone Call,” “Email,” “In-Person Meeting,” etc.)
  • Notes/Summary
    (For details about the interaction)
  • Follow-Up Needed?
    (Use a checkbox or a dropdown with “Yes/No” options)
  • Follow-Up Date (
    Format as “Date” if you choose to use it)

4. Chose AppSheet from the Extensions Menu

Screenshot of extensions menu appsheet and create an app

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Boom Done! App Created

Based on the data in your spreadsheet AppSheet predicts what you want your app to do and gives you a rough draft ready to use! 

5. Customize with AppSheet

Click the “Customize with AppSheet” button. This takes you to a preview of your app in the sidebar that you can customize by hovering over elements of the app.

6. Toggle OFF Editing to Try It Out

Try out your app by toggling the “Edit” slider. Press the plus icon to add a new entry. 

Click on the different parts of the app, and select the pencil, to see how it reads the data type. 

screenshot of appsheet with sample app

7. Customize Options

Click on the different parts of the app, and select the pencil, to see how it reads the data type. I chose to have my app sort by Contact Date, in descending order and to group information by student name. 

Go through each field and determine the type of data. I changed my student names to a drop down list and made follow up date NOT required. 

8. Use Your App

Click on the pop up icon in the toolbar to view the app. This is the icon in the upper right of the app preview. Bookmark this link! Enjoy!! 

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