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Bathroom Sign Out Sheet Template

Bathroom Sign Out Sheet Template

Bathroom Sign Out (2)

I had a friend using a Google Sheets spreadsheet to have students sign out and in for the bathroom instead of the paper sign out. The problem became the amount of scrolling after many students had signed out. I created a template to help with this.

The Template


Bathroom Menu

After making a copy of the template look for the “Bathroom” menu near the “Help” menu.
bathroom menu

The menu has 3 options: Check Out, Check In, and Sort.
Menu bathroom

Check Out

When students sign out for the bathroom they select an empty cell in column A. Using the “Bathroom” menu, the student chooses “Check Out.” This will place the date and time into the cell. The student would then put their period and name into columns C and D.
Bathroom sign out and in

Check In

When students return from the bathroom they select the cell in column B. Again using the “Bathroom” menu, the student chooses “Check In.” This places the date and time of the students return in column B.


Choosing “Sort” from the “Bathroom” menu sorts the entries in reverse order. Most recent at the top. This also inserts 10 rows at the top to give students room to sign out to the bathroom without having to scroll. Students can use the “Sort” option to insert more rows as well.
Sort Bathroom Entries



Apparently the spreadsheet defaults to the west coast where I live. This is a Google Sheets setting, not something in my code. CLICK HERE to change your Google Sheets settings to your local time zone.

19 thoughts on “Bathroom Sign Out Sheet Template

  1. I do a bathroom checkout via forms, so the students don’t have to navigate cells and scrolling. They just fill in a few boxes. When needed I can look at the spreadsheet, and even filter each kid into a separate tab using rowCall.

  2. Great template but I am not getting the correct time. I’m eastern time zone with the correct time displayed on my computer but the check out/in times are 3 hours off. Suggestions?

  3. I made some changes in the template, adding a column for destination and changing the sheet to “Sign In/Sign Out” so it could be used in many situations. I had some trouble with the time showing up as military time. I fixed this by going to Format/Numbers/More Format/More Date Time Formats. Perfect fix. Love the form. Thanks!

  4. Is there a way to do this on the Ipad? I’ve tried using the template through the sheets app and google drive and the options at the top are not there. Thanks for your help!

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