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Create a tab for each student

As a teacher, I use collaborative spreadsheets with students to  have everyone in my class participate on the same document at the same time. Spreadsheets allow me to create multiple tabs to give each student their own sheet to work on within the same document. This gives me one document to open and assess.


Previously I had posted a script I wrote (RosterTab) that generates a new blank tab for each student by naming a tab in the spreadsheet for each student on the roster. Giving students a blank sheet to organize their responses or calculations is very useful, however sometimes students need to respond to specific prompts or have their work organized in a specific way.


This spreadsheet template allows you to create a graphic organizer, rubric or other template sheet to easily make multiple copies of the template. The script in the spreadsheet takes a roster of your students and assigns each student to a copy of the template by listing their name on the spreadsheet tab.


TemplateTab Template

Go to https://alicekeeler.com/templatetab to create a copy of the template for you to use with your students.



Suggested Uses

  • Classroom Discussions: Create a tab for each discussion topic by putting a single word summary onto the roster tab instead of student names. Share the spreadsheet with your students and give them editing rights. For each tab, students place their response to the discussion. CLICK HERE for my template for classroom discussions.
  • Rubric Grading: Create the rubric for your assignment on the template tab. TemplateTab will generate a copy of the rubric for each student on the roster. This will allow you to evaluate each student using the rubric without having to make paper copies.
  • Peer Evaluation: On the roster tab list out the students in the class. On the template tab create a student friendly rubric along with spots to create comment boxes. Run the script to have a peer evaluation template for each student in the class. Use Google Classroom to give each student their own copy. Students will use their peer evaluation spreadsheet to provide peer feedback for each classmate.
  • Graphic Organizer: Spreadsheets are designed to organize information. Create a graphic organizer template on the template tab. Create a graphic organizer per student on the roster. Alternatively, you may wish to have students fill out the graphic organizer multiple times; such as for each character in a book. Instead of listing student names in the roster, list the different topics the students will fill the graphic organizer out for.

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