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Google Slides: Game Board Template

Google Slides Game Board by Alice Keeler (1)
Google Slides: Game Board Template
Google Slides Game Board by Alice Keeler (1)

Game Board Template

This is just for fun, I created a game board template and thought I would share it.

Create a Game

I didn’t make the game for you, so you (or as Catlin Tucker says, have the student’s do it!) will need to create an idea to have student’s use a game board.



Make a copy of the template and customize it for how you will use it with your students. Please share in the comments below ideas you have for how you might use this template. I am envisioning two students share one copy of your modified game board. However, you can also have one collaborative Google Slides (one of my favorite things to do) and have all students on the same Google Slides paired up on one slide.

Game Piece

The players will need a game piece. You do not want this to be on the background image since the pieces would not move. I used Bitmoji to add my avatar as my playing piece. Students could also insert a selfie and shrink it down to use as their avatar. You just want to make sure that the object moves on the slide so the players can advance around the board.
Google Slides Board Game pieces or avatars

Roll Dice

Okay this does not really roll dice, you can have actual dice on hand if you want to use that. Or do a simple Google Search for “Roll dice” for a simulated dice experience.
Roll Six sided die in Google Search

However, I did code within the Slides template to sorta simulate rolling dice. Look for the “dice” menu. It is to the right of the Help menu. Note that this is not normally present in Google Slides, this is something I coded specifically for this template. When students are playing the game they can use the menu “dice” to choose “Roll Die.”
dice menu

A pop up will appear telling the student’s what their roll is. This is actually NOT a dice roll, it’s a math formula to choose a random number. But it’s more fun to believe it was dice.
your roll is pop up

Modifying the Game Board

I created the game board on the Slide Master. Use the View menu and choose “Master.”
View Master

Each rectangle is individual and can be modified. You may want to type something in some or all of the cells. Maybe write a question (probably make the font smaller) right into the rectangle. Note, you can only modify the game board from the View menu and choosing “Master.” The game board is locked down to the background when in regular Google Slides mode.
Type questions into the squares

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