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In response to a tweet asking how to print a folder of student work in Google Drive I wrote a script that will list all the files in a folder in your Google Drive and create a PDF. The advantage to this is you can download all of the PDF’s at once to your computer. Usually, if you select a collection of files on your computer and choose to print them, you can print multiple files at once.

  • Create a list of files in your Google Drive folder.
  • Create a list of the URL’s to the files to make sharing easier.
  • Create a PDF of each file.



Folder ID

To make this work, you need the ID number of the folder you are trying to organize or print. There are a couple of ways to obtain the folder ID. First is to just go to Google Drive and open the folder. The URL at the top of Google Drive contains the folder ID after the word “folders/.” The other way is to click on the folder in Google Drive and click on the link icon. The ID is in the middle of the URL, you will need to extract this.
Folder ID

Add-On Menu

Go to the Add-On menu in the document and find “PDF my folder”.
PDF my folder

From the sidebar menu there is a button to “Make PDF’s.” This will prompt you for the folder ID. After entering the ID the script will list each file in the folder and the URL to the file. A PDF of the Google Docs in the folder will be created and linked into the spreadsheet.

You can use this list in a variety of ways. Just having a list of the files makes it easy to organize and share the files with others.


If you want to print multiple Google Docs at once you need to download the files to your computer first. Sort the files in your Google Drive by last modified, this should cluster the PDF’s together. Click on the first PDF and hold down shift while you click on the last PDF.

Go to the “more actions” icon in the toolbar (3 dots) and choose “Download.”
Select PDF

Locate the downloaded files on your computer. Use Control A to select all of the PDF’s in the download and use Control P to print. Your computer should be able to print multiple files at once.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom creates a folder per assignment. Locating the assignment folder in Google Drive you can turn the student documents into PDF’s using this script. This will give you a record of what those assignments looked like at that moment in time. The PDF’s are in the assignment folder, but not shared with the students.

The script gives you a list of the students work and a link to their work. This can be faster than going through Google Classroom. Since the links are in a spreadsheet you can mark off which ones you’ve inserted comments on to help you to remember where you left off.

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