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Google Sheets: Create Tabs Quickly

Google Sheets: Create Tabs Quickly

If you have ever clicked the plus icon to create a new tab and renamed the tab multiple times you know how tedious this can be when using a spreadsheet. I wrote a script that allows you to take a list and create a tab for each item in the list. I previously posted the RosterTab script for Google Sheets. I have updated the script to give you the option to delete the original list.

List to Tabs

The original RosterTab creates and names a tab for each item in column A. I have added ListToTabs to the RosterTab menu. This allows you take your list and create a tab for each item in the list. Since you were utilizing ListToTabs to save time in creating and naming tabs the sheet that contains the list is not needed. After creating the tabs, ListToTabs deletes the first sheet.


To utilize either ListToTabs or RosterTab start with the RosterTab template:


Type or paste a list of names or items in Column A of the first sheet. At the top, next to the Help menu, is the RosterTab menu. Choose ListToTabs to create sheets for each item in the list and to delete the list. Use the RosterTab option to keep the list.


If you would like to have a template on each of the sheets rather than creating blank sheets try out TemplateTab.

9 thoughts on “Google Sheets: Create Tabs Quickly

    1. Sorry, I am not available to make custom solutions. I would encourage you to learn Google Apps Script and modify the code yourself. It is a lot easier than you think and I have some tutorials on my website.

  1. Hey Alice!
    I’m using a QR code that links to a google form for my bathroom passes this year. The google form has a place for their name, and where the student is going (select one). I figured this way, I can easily look back to see how many times in a day/week/month a student leaves the room- and I love that it will have a time stamp!

    Here’s what I’m wondering (and I’m sure you have a template, I just don’t know which one to use)… is it possible for me to have a tab for each student at the bottom of my Google Sheet? I’d love the option to just be able to show parents their child’s “out of the room” log for how often they have emergencies 😉
    IF SO, should I make the first question (their name) a drop-down question so they can select their name?

    Thanks for any help!

    1. You can also have a 2nd form for students to “sign in” or a radio button that they choose “sign in” or “sign out”. The 2nd form can populate to the same spreadsheet in a different tab.

  2. Hi Alice,

    The RosterTab2 script that makes tabs for each student and then emails the tab link automatically is great!! BUT, the link that’s sent allows the student to see the entire file, not just their own tab. Is there a way to make it so each student can see ONLY their own tab?

    I wan’t to be able to run my gradebook in the first tab and then use the IMPORTRANGE function to take each student’s individual line to their tab. Obviously, I don’t want students to be able to see their own tab or the main tab with the whole gradebook.

    Thanks for any advice

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