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Email Each Student a Note

Send Personal Emails to All Your Students

If you have ever wanted to email an individualized note to each student, it can be tedious to compose an email per student. Use the template below to easily write a note to each student and send the note through email.



Send Comments

  1. Use the Add-ons menu to locate “Send Comments.”
    send comments
  2. In cell B2 title what the note or comment is in reference to.
  3. In addition to the personalized note, you can add an overall note that goes to each student. Write this note in cell F2.
  4. Copy and paste your student roster into column A.
  5. Copy and paste each students email address into column B.
    Suggestion: Use the File menu to make a copy of the spreadsheet to create your own template that already contains your students email addresses.
  6. Write each student an individual note or comment into column E.
  7. Since you pasted the entire roster into column A, there may be students who you do not wish to email a comment. Place an X in column C for any student who should not receive an email.

Email Each Student a Note

After setting up the spreadsheet, use the sidebar menu to click on the “Send Emails” button. This will generate an email to each student.
send emails


If you are a Google Apps for Education school (of course you are) and the script does not work, it is possible that the person who manages  your Google Apps domain has blocked 3rd party scripts. Try running it in Gmail instead of your school account to see if that solves the issue.

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