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Google Slides: Add Your Roster

Google Slides Slide Per Student
Google Slides: Add Your Roster

Google Slides Slide Per Student

Add A Slide per Student in Google Slides

One of my favorite activities is collaborative Google Slides. That is all students in the class on the SAME Google Slides. I usually recommend to keep it simple. Create BLANK Google Slides and share it with edit access with the class. Students add their own slide and put their name in the speaker notes. If students are adding more than one slide it can be helpful to set up the Slides in advance with each student’s name on a slide. Each student’s slides comes after their name slide. I coded a template to make this easier.




  1. Make a copy of the spreadsheet template.
  2. Use the Add-on menu to choose “Roster to Slides.”
  3. Choose setup.
  4. Authorize the script.
    Click on Advanced and then below that choose “Proceed to Roster to Slides (unsafe).”
    Note: It is safe, I personally coded the Add-on. It collects no data and authorizes yourself access to your Slides.
  5. Paste your class roster into column A.
  6. Use the Add-on menu to choose “Roster to Slides” and choosing “Create Slides.”
  7. Open the Slides.

Add-on Menu

From the Add-on menu choose “Roster to Slides” and select “Setup.” This will add column headers to the spreadsheet. This is not required but can be helpful.
Roster to slides add on


Google has NOT reviewed the script I coded. They want to make sure you know that they have no responsibility for my code. You will get a screen telling you the app is not safe. However, this only means that Google cannot verify the safety. I personally coded this script. I do not collect any data, I do not have any access to any of your files. The authorization is to yourself to give yourself access to your own files.

[expand title = “View screenshots of authorization”]

Do not click on “Back to safety” but rather click on the word “Advanced.”
Click on advanced

Then more warning will expand out to let you know that Google has not reviewed this Apps Script. At the bottom click on “Go to Roster to Slides (unsafe).”
proceed to roster to slides

The app authorization is for YOURSELF to allow you to use SlidesApp and SpreadsheetApp to access the two files in this project.
Authorize for yourself


Paste Your Roster

Technically you only need names in column A. If when you copy and paste your roster it puts first and last name in separate columns my script automatically concatenates (puts together) the names when creating slides. Currently, Email Address does nothing. I have this there in case you copied and pasted from the Google Classroom roster so that everything matches up.
names in column A

Create Slides

Go back to the Add-on menu and choose to “Create Slides.”
create slides

A pop up will let you know the link to the Google Slides that were created. The Slides can also be located in Google Drive. Make sure you click OK. The slides are not created until you click OK. 
Copy link to slides

Link to sample slides

A green slide is created per student. Additionally, a blank slide follows each student’s slide to provide a space for their work. Students can add additional slides after the name as needed.
Google Slides slide per student

11 thoughts on “Google Slides: Add Your Roster

  1. Oh darn it; I thought you worked out a script that would only allow each student to only work on THOSE slides, not mess with other student’s slides…

  2. Hi Alice, I love your scripts! So helpful to streamline teaching.

    Are you able to help with this? I have logged out of all my Google Accounts then logged back into gmail with my teacher account. It shows that account as the default. But when I click on your template link, it opens in my personal account. Any thoughts on how I can make it default to my teacher account?


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