Duplicate a lot of copies from Google Drive

Sometimes I have need to make a lot of copies of a document in my Google Drive. For example, I have a template for creating badges in Google Draw. However, I need a lot of badges for my project. Manually duplicating the template 50 times is tedious. I wrote a script to accomplish this faster for me.



The above link will take you to the script. You will need to make a copy so you can edit it to copy your document instead of my badge template.


Be careful what you edit. You will want to only change 2 things on this script. The number of copies of the document and the document ID you are copying.

You will notice in the script it says i<30. This is telling the script to make 30 copies. If you want a different number, change the 30.
Change number of copies

Each Google document (Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Drawings) has a unique document ID. You need to open the document and copy the long string of number and letters out of the URL. In the script you will want to replace my document ID with your document ID.

Click on the save button in the toolbar.

Run the Script

When you’re ready to make your copies, use the “Run” menu to run the script “copyDocs.” Go look in your Google Drive to see that all of your copies were made!

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