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I saw this tweet about Jennifer Serravallo’s Reading Goals Self Reflection form from her book. My first thought is of course that this would be better as a Google Form. My biggest beef with PDF’s is they do not collect data. Switching to a Google Form allows the teacher to view all student responses in one place and to view charts about the responses to make faster and better decisions.

Google Form Template

To utilize the template you will need to make a copy of the Google Sheets spreadsheet template. This spreadsheet will be the spreadsheet that collects student responses but has some added features over the traditional spreadsheet created from Google Forms.

I coded some additional features. After submitting the Google Form students will receive an email with a link to go back to their responses later and update them. The teacher of course has a single list of all the student responses. A column has been added to count the number of “Yes/Always” responses.

There is an additional tab that provides the teacher with the students’ link to their responses if the student lost their email with the link to return to the Form.

Google Apps Script

The template does use Google Apps Script. You will need to use the Add-on menu and authorize the script.
self reflecting reading add on

The Add-on will generate a Google Form with the reflection questions and link to it in the spreadsheet.
spreadsheet of responses

Jennifer Serravallo

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