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One request I am often asked about Google Classroom is how to create documents for small groups. If you create a copy of a document for each student then each group member receives a copy, which can be confusing. I have created a script that will assign students into random groups (or non random) and create a copy of a template document for each group.



After making a copy of the template, place your roster in column A and the student email in column B. Place the group size in cell B1. The default group size is 4.
student email addresses


Go to the Add-On menu and choose “Group maker.” This will open a sidebar menu.
Group Maker

Random Groups

To create random groups click on the “Make groups” button in the sidebar.

Copy Document

For each group a template document will be created for students to collaborate on. Create a Google text Doc, Google Slides, Google Sheets, or Google Drawing in Google Drive. Format the document to structure the group activity, or leave it blank.

You will need the document ID. After opening the document, the document ID can be extracted from the URL.
Document ID

When prompted by the script, paste the document ID.
paste document ID

Group Document

Each group will have a group document created. The document will be shared with the members of the group. Other classmates will not be able to edit the document. The document title will indicate which group the document is for. Group members names are appended to the end of the document title.

Linked in Spreadsheet

The links to the group docs are placed in the spreadsheet. For each group the links are the same. Different group, different link. Students can easily find their groups document by clicking on the link in their row.

Google Classroom

Post the spreadsheet in Google Classroom as “Students can view file.” Students can reference the spreadsheet to see which group they are in and can click on the link to start collaborating on the document. Optionally you can attach the group documents created into the assignment. Attaching the group documents gives all students viewing access to the projects. Group members retain editing rights.
Attach Group projects

Students can not submit documents they do not own. The group documents are owned by you, the teacher. Students will not add the documents into the submission screen. Instead the students will simply mark as done. The document is easily accessible from the spreadsheet for assessment. Open each group document from the spreadsheet and leave feedback in Google Classroom.

Non-Random Groups

If you do not want the groups to be randomized, use the non random groups option in the sidebar.
non random groups

The list of students will be sorted by column C. Leaving column C blank will retain the order of the roster. If you wish to place students in groups place a code into column C. The script will sort the students by the code before assigning them to groups.
Column C

Note: The code for column C can be anything. Perhaps a number or letter to signify that students are in the same group. It may be a status level such as beginner, intermediate or advanced. The code may be a group name such as “chupacabras” and “coyotes.” The script will sort the students by the code before assigning to a group. 

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