delete google classroom calendars

Delete Your Google Classroom Calendars

I use Google Classroom… a lot. Every time I create a Google Classroom it creates a Calendar in Google Calendar. It’s a mess. I can not think of any reason to have a Google Calendar for a Google Classroom I am no longer using. (To be honest, I do not use the Google Classroom Google Calendar anyway. I know it works great for some folks but not for me.) This morning I did a little coding and discovered I had 165 Google Calendar calendars generated from Google Classroom. There is no way I have enough patience to manually delete 165 calendars, so this is where knowing Google Apps Script saves the day!


Use the Menu

After making a copy of the template, locate the “Delete Classroom Calendars” menu, next to the Help menu.
Delete Classroom Calendars

List Calendars

The first step is to choose “List Calendars.” This will create a list of all calendars on the Google account you’re currently using.
Make a list of Google Classroom calendars

By default, each calendar is listed as “no” for deleting the calendar. It is bad to accidentally delete a calendar. To help prevent this I have coded it so that you have to specifically type “delete” in Column C. You have to spell it correctly also 🙂


Type delete in Column C next to any calendar you want to delete. DOUBLE CHECK!
delete calendars drag

Tip: type delete and use the fill down square to copy paste for multiple calendars.

Delete Calendars

Go back to the menu and choose “Delete Calendars.”
Delete Calendars

Choose Yes

When prompted, click on “Yes” asking if you typed the word delete in Column C.
Click yes

Deleted Calendars

If the calendar was deleted, the word “DELETED” was placed in Column D. If you do not have permission to delete the calendar (you were a co-teacher) an error message of “Unable to delete. Try unsubscribing instead” will be in Column D.
Deleted Calendars in Column D

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