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Google Classroom: List ALL Your Student Files

Google Classroom: List ALL Your Student Files
Google Classroom Show Me All The Docs

While I love Google Classroom, it can be a lot of clicking to locate student files. I created a script that will list all of the files in a Google Classroom class folder. The script lists all of the assignment folders in the class folder, creates a tab for each assignment and lists the files in the assignment folder.

This can be used in multiple ways:

  • Quickly find a list of student files submitted.
  • Locate documents a student has submitted.
  • Make notes and record data on files students have submitted.
  • See which students are missing documents.
  • Quickly leave feedback for students on files.
  • Sort and organize student submissions.




To use the script, you will need to go to the Add-On menu and choose “Show me all the docs.” This will open a sidebar menu.
Google Classroom Add On Alice Keeler Show Me All The Docs

Google Drive

You will need the ID number of your Google Classroom class folder in Google Drive. Go to Google Drive and locate the “Classroom” folder. Open the folder and find the folder for your class. Open the class folder. The URL at the top contains the folder ID at the end. Copy just the ID, it comes after
Folder ID

Run Script

Back in the spreadsheet in the sidebar menu is a start button. Click the button. When prompted, paste the folder ID into the box.

YouTube video

List of Folders

The script will insert a sheet and list all the assignment folders and a link to the folders.

Assignment Folders

A tab for each assignment folder was created. Click on the “Big Mac” icon of 4 lines in the bottom left to see a list of all the tabs. Go to the assignment you wish to view the documents for.
Big Mac icon

List of Files

On the sheet, all of the files submitted to Google Classroom are listed in the spreadsheet. The first column shows the document title. You may want to increase the width of the column to view the full document name. The second column is the document ID, not particularly helpful to you, but helpful to me when I code. The 6th column shows date modified and the 7th column shows date created.
Alice Keeler Google Classroom Show All The Files

3rd Column – Document Link

The 3rd column is the most helpful, it is a live hyperlink to the document. This allows you to quickly open up student documents to insert feedback.

4th/5th Column – Student Email/Student Name

The fourth column shows the email of the owner. If YOUR email and name is listed, then you have not returned the document to the student. Google Classroom switches ownership from student to teacher when the student turns in work. Go back to Google Classroom and return work to the student. This will not update the spreadsheet. You will need to run the script on a new spreadsheet after you have returned student work.

Edit the Spreadsheet

Note that the spreadsheet is not dynamic. This is a one time snapshot of the files submitted to Google Classroom. Make a new copy of the template and run the script again to achieve an updated list.

What is nice about the spreadsheet is that you can edit it any way you wish. You can sort by student name, make notes, sort and organize the files. These edits do not reflect in Google Drive, but are still helpful.

Single List

If you prefer the documents to be collected on a single tab instead of multiple tabs try this script. For me, this means I can use a pivot table to count how many documents a student has submitted. Alternatively, sorting the list by owner name can show me everything each student has turned into Google Classroom in one spot.

List the Documents Template


Google Classroom List All the files alice keeler

12 thoughts on “Google Classroom: List ALL Your Student Files

  1. This is awesome! Thank you so much!

    Have you found a way to sort files by student? For instance, I’m looking for a way I can pull up all of the files submitted by John Smth instead of hunting each and every assignment for John’s work.

  2. Alice, thank you for all the ideas and resources you are providing with your blog. I love the RubricTab script you’ve created, and I especially love this one. I am having trouble running it though. When I click on start, I go through some of the permissions windows, and then ultimately nothing happens. Any ideas?

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