Create Student Folders in Google Drive

A teacher was having her students work on an ongoing project where the students would save multiple documents to a folder in Google Drive. To make this process easier, I wrote a Google Apps Script file to automatically create and share the folders with the students.



The template above will prompt you to make a copy of a spreadsheet. Rename the spreadsheet to something meaningful. Paste your class roster into column A and the student email addresses into column B.

Folder Maker Add-On

Use the Add-On menu to locate “Folder Maker.”
Make folders

Press the button in the sidebar menu to generate a folder for each student in your Google Drive.

Spreadsheet List

In the spreadsheet the link to each folder is created. This gives you an easy way to access each students folder. make folders links

Since each folder is only shared with the teacher and the single student, sharing the list of links with the class does not jeopardize student privacy. Students can find their name on the list and click on their link. Students can add this folder to their Google Drive to make it easy for them to add documents to the folder. Any documents added to the folder will automatically be shared with the teacher.


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