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Tour of Google Classroom

Use Google Classroom to build relationships, provide more students a voice, and choice. Technology provides opportunities that are difficult or impossible to recreate with traditional paper methods. However, paperless is not a pedagogy. Being paperless does not improve learning.  Use paper when appropriate and extend learning opportunities with digital resources when appropriate. Taking paper tasks and making them digital (ie: writing on a PDF worksheet) does not improve learning and can be worse for learning since it was designed for paper. Use paper for paper tasks. Use technology to do what paper can not do.

This page provides a tour of Google Classroom. All of the things you can click on. Learn more in my books, available on Amazon, on my blog, or through being a premium member.

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Start your journey with Google Classroom by going to classroom.google.com. If you are logged into your Google Account use the apps chooser (waffle)

Classes (Home) Page

After going to classroom.google.com the landing page is the Classes page (Home page.) This displays a tile of all the classes you are teaching and enrolled in.

  1. 3 Lines menu
    Opens the main menu, allows you to navigate between classes.
  2. Create/Add a class
    Use the plus icon in the upper right to add a new class or to join a class with the code.
  3. Assignments to complete (Student)
    This is only visible if you are enrolled in a class as a student.
  4. Assignments to grade
    Find a simplified list of all your assignments to grade (review).
  5. Filtered view of calendar with assignments that are due.
    Shows a week view of assignments for all classes on the due date.
  6. Enter class
    Click on the class title to go to the class.
  7. 3 Dots menu of class options
    View more options for the Google Classroom class.
  8. Assignments due this week
    Assignments due within the week will show on the class tile.
  9. Grades grid
    Go to a grid of scores for the class.
  10. Class folder in Google Drive
    All classes have a folder in Google Drive where student work is organized.

3 Dots Menu

On each class tile is a 3 dots menu. This provides more choices for each class.

  1. Move the order of the tile
    Note: You can also DRAG the class tile into a different position.
  2. Copy class link to your clipboard
    Easily invite students by pasting the class link into an email invite or onto your website.
  3. Edit class information
  4. Copy the entire class
    DO NOT DO THIS!!!! IT IS BAD! DO NOT USE COPY CLASS! Copying copies all videos, screenshots, directions documents, everything! It makes a hot mess of your Google Drive.
  5. Archive
    After the class is over, archive the class to restrict students from submitting work.