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Google Forms in Classroom

I’ve said many times that Google Forms is the greatest thing since sliced bread. If you are not using Google Forms, check out my directions for using Google Forms for Formative Assessment. The best way to distribute a Google Form to your students is through Google Classroom. Here is how to do that.

Google Classroom Update

Note: Google Classroom has updated how you attach Forms. Simply create your Form in Google Drive. In Google Classroom use the Google Drive icon to attach the Form from Drive. Google Classroom automatically distributes the live view to students.

Still Good Information about Google Forms:

Google Forms 3 views: Edit, Live View, Spreadsheet

Create a Form

Go to http://drive.google.com and create a Form using the “New” button. Note that when you create a Form you are in EDIT mode. If you look at the END of the URL it says /edit.
Slash Edit

Do NOT share the /edit URL with the students.

Live View

You want students to fill out the live view of the Form. From the edit screen there is a button in the toolbar that says “View live form.” You want to click on this button. Alternatively you can click on the blue “Send form” to copy the live form URL.
Look for the View Live Form button in Edit Screen

When looking at the live view of the Form you will want to copy the URL. I use Control L to highlight the URL and Control C to copy it.
Google Forms in the Classroom (4)

Notice that the end of the URL says /viewform. Double check that this is the URL you have copied.
Google Form look at the end of the URL that it says viewform

Google Classroom

While you made the Google Form in Google Drive, do NOT attach the Form from the Google Drive icon in Classroom. The Form in Google Drive is the EDIT screen. You do not want students to edit the Form, you want them to fill out the Form.
Use link in google classroom assignment.

If you try to attach the Google Form using the Google Drive icon you will get an error message: “Oops! You can’t attach Google Forms directly. Please add a link to the form.”
Do not attach form, link to it.


Link to Form

Click on the link icon when creating an assignment or announcement in Google Classroom. You will paste the link to the live view of the Google Form. Click “ADD” to add the link to the assignment.
Paste the URL to the form and click add


The Google Forms data goes into a Google Sheets spreadsheet. You can access this spreadsheet in Google Drive. I encourage teachers to have the spreadsheet open as students submit the Form to see the answers come in live.

Another way to access the spreadsheet is to open the Google Form that is linked in Google Classroom. You would be looking at the live view form, just like the students. If you are the editor of the Form and you are signed in, you will notice a black box to “Edit this form” in the upper right-hand corner. Students will not see this option since they do not have editing rights.
Edit this form box

Click on the black button. This will take you to the edit screen of the Form. Click on the “View Responses” button in the toolbar to open the spreadsheet.
Click on view responses in the edit screen

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