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Google Classroom: Indicate Templates Attached

Google Classroom: Indicate Templates Attached


Google Classroom is a great way to share resources, assignment directions and Google Docs templates with students. One issue with Google Classroom is that attached templates are visible in the assignment submission side of Classroom, but not on the students visible stream. When creating a description in Google Classroom for an assignment it is recommended that you also describe what resources the students will be accessing through Classroom and also to mention if there is a template provided.

Building Lesson Sets

When building a lesson set in Google Classroom you can attach a variety of file types. When the student views the assignment in their stream they will see the YouTube videos you linked, any URL links you provided and any documents that the students can view or edit.
Google Classroom Lesson Sets


Google Classroom Teacher View of a Lesson Set

Make a Copy for Each Student

When creating a lesson set and a file is set as “Make a copy for each student” this item does NOT show up in the students assignment stream. The assignment is visible but the template is not. Notice in the above screenshot that 4 items were attached in the lesson set. The below screenshot shows the student view where only 3 items are visible.
Google Classroom Tip: Indicate template attached

Open Button

In order to view the template document students must click on “OPEN.” This will show the template document already attached to the assignment ready to submit. Students can click on the file to edit the document.

Students can add additional files to the assignment submission or just submit the defaulted template document that was copied and attached for the student. Students will still need to click the “Turn In” button.

Add Template to Directions

If you are attaching a document as “Make a copy for each student” consider adding to the assignment description in Google Classroom an indicator that the students will need to click on “OPEN” to find the assignment template. Since students may not realize there is an additional file for them to view and edit a friendly heads up can help students understand what to do for their assignment.


Blah Blah assignment directions.
Notice below that there is a YouTube video for you to watch and a link to a website for you to review. You will want to click on the OPEN button to access the attached template for you to complete your assignment.

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