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Google Classroom: Change the Class Code

Google Classroom: Change the Class Code

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To have students join my Google Classroom I project the stream from my class onto the board. I zoom in (Control +) to show the class code. Students are directed to go to http://classroom.google.com and login. After clicking the plus button at the top right, they choose “Join class” and enter my class code.

Change the Code

Click on the arrow to the right of the class code and you have the option to reset the code. I keep choosing “Reset” until the code looks easy. I do not want any zeros, L’s, 5’s, o’s, 1’s since they can be confused for a different number or letter. Sometimes I luck out and the class code almost makes a word. Try resetting your class code until it is something you like. It is kinda fun to try out!
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After I tweeted this tip, Kyle Stern (@mr_stern) said “With as many students as I serve with dyslexia or orthographic processing difficulties this is awesome!”
Kyle Stern

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