Google Classroom hear from everyone

Google Classroom – Hear from Everyone

Use technology to create better interactions with students, not just to be paperless. When adopting new tech, ask “How does this make learning better?” “How does this change how I interact with my students?”

New is Not Hard

SAMR is not a measure of difficulty. Sometimes new tasks are EASIER than trying to figure out how to take what you have been doing and make it digital. The Google Classroom feature of asking a question is one of the easiest tasks you can do with your students.

Ask a Question

In Google Classroom, click on the plus icon and choose the “Create Question” option.
Create a question in Google Classroom

Type Your Question

You can do this on the fly. When something comes up in your class, quickly click the plus icon in Google Classroom and add a question to the Stream. Type the question, choose short answer or multiple choice and click on “Ask.”
Google Classroom type a question and ask

Hear From Everyone

How many students can you reasonably hear from at a time when you pose a question in class? One or Two? Research shows it is the quietest students who have some of the more thoughtful answers. As Jo Boaler says in her article “Fluency Without Fear,” fast is not the same as smart. Students need time to process their answer. Answering digitally allows every student a chance to think and respond. Instead of only hearing from a couple of students, you get to hear from every student.

Click on the Question Title

To view student responses, click on the title of the question in the Stream. Click on any students name on the left-hand side of the assessment screen to view their individual response. For multiple choice questions you can click on the bar in the bar chart to see who answered what.

Continue Discussion

Starting a discussion digitally does not need to be a digital discussion. Starting digitally can just be a starter to the conversation. Use the insights of ALL the students to further the verbal discussions.

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