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Google Classroom Parent/Guardian Guide

Free Guardian Guide to Google Classroom created by Schoolytics
Google Classroom Parent/Guardian Guide

Looking for a flyer to give to parents at Back to School night to let parents know that you are using Google Classroom? Schoolytics has created a quick guide for you to share:

YouTube video

If you are looking for how to help parents understand how a student is doing in Google Classroom check out schoolytics.io. This is free for teachers. Part time I teach high school math and part time I code for Schoolytics. Check out Doc to Slides by Schoolytics. Coded by ME! This FREE Add-on collects NO user data and NO PII. It takes any Google Doc and converts the text to a Google Slides.

YouTube video
YouTube video

1 thought on “Google Classroom Parent/Guardian Guide

  1. Alice,
    Thank you for this post. It is so helpful to guide parents and guardians to the Google Classroom experience. You have easy to follow descriptions and thorough guides.

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