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Guided Access on the iPad

Guided Access on the iPad

Triple Click


My little one was playing around on the iPad this morning. He does not know to not touch the home button since it will exit him out of the application. In the classroom if we are using an iPad as a station we may want help students stay focused on the app we are asking them to use.

Guided Access

The iPad has a setting that will lock the iPad within a particular app. By triple clicking the home button you can enable Guided Access.


First you need to set up Guided Access. Go into settings on your iPad.
ios7 settings

Tap on the “General” options
General in Settings iOS7

Choose “Accessibility.” You will have to scroll down a bit to find it.
Accessiblity in iOS7

Scroll down some more and choose “Guided Access.”
Guided Access option

Turn ON Guided Access.
Turn on guided access ios7

You will need to set a Passcode. I do not use the same one I use to get into my tablet or phone. This allows me to tell a student the code if I need to without compromising the safety of my device. I can always change the Guided Access password. Make sure you email yourself your Guided Access password, you will be locked into an app if you can not remember your password and that will be bad.
Turn on Guided Access and set a passcode


Open an App

Choose the app you want students to use. Triple click on the home button to launch the guided access options.

If there are areas of the app you do NOT want students to accidentally touch (such as an ad or link to the apps website) simply draw circles on the screen where these items show up. This will create a dead space on the device.

Click Start

In the upper right hand corner is the option to start Guided Access. MAKE SURE you remember your Guided Access password before you start this.

Triple Click to Exit

The student is not able to exit the app without turning off Guided Access. You will need to triple click the Home button and enter your passcode to exit the app. Tap on “End” in the upper left hand corner to end the Guided Access and exit the app.

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