Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams allows you to add a rubric to an assignment. You can also share your rubrics with other teachers.

Google Classroom

  1. Create an assignment in Google Classroom with a rubric.
  2. Locate the assignment on the Stream. Click on the stripe to expand the preview of the assignment.
  3. FROM THE PREVIEW find the rubric indicator and click on it.
  4. Use the 3 dots in the upper right to “Export to Sheets.”
  5. Open the exported spreadsheet.
  6. Click the Share icon in the upper right and enter the email address of the teacher you want to share it with. OR change the sharing permissions and share the link to the Google Sheets spreadsheet.
  7. Whoever is shared on the spreadsheet can click on Rubric from a new assignment and choose “Import from Sheets.” The spreadsheet (rubric) is in their Google Drive so they simply need to select it from Drive.

Microsoft Teams

  1. Create an assignment in Microsoft Teams with a rubric.
  2. Locate the assignment from the assignments list and choose to EDIT the assignment.
  3. From the EDIT SCREEN click on the rubric to preview.
  4. At the bottom of the rubric is an option to “Download as CSV.”
  5. Email the CSV file or upload to OneDrive into a shared folder.
  6. Whoever has the CSV file shared with them will create a new assignment and click on “Add rubric.”
  7. At the top is an option to “Upload rubric.” Attach the CSV file.

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