Microsoft Teams: Add a File

Add a File to Microsoft Teams

Add a File to a Microsoft Teams Assignment

When creating assignments in Microsoft Teams you can add a file, such as PowerPoint. No kidding you’re thinking. BUT WAIT! Here is a feature I have always wanted, I can add a blank file from scratch!

Microsoft Teams Create an Assignment

Add Resources

When creating an assignment, click on “Create resources” underneath the instructions box.

Add Resources

New File

It’s subtle, but when you choose “New file” you’re not just adding a new attachment… It’s a NEW DOCUMENT!!!!!!!

New PowerPoint

To help create independent learners I am a big supporter of posting the directions for every assignment, digital or not. Select PowerPoint or Word.

Create a new Word, PowerPoint or Excel file

Name the File DIRECTIONS

It is my habit of starting the file name with capital letters DIRECTIONS. I don’t want to be ambiguous… open this file kids to see what you’re supposed to be doing.

Directions title

Students Can’t Edit

Unfortunately, the default for adding a file is “Students edit their own copy.” I’m a big fan of NOT assigning myself digital piles of paperwork. In fact, I want an individual copy per student 20% of the time OR LESS. Click on the 3 dots on the file stripe and change to “Students can’t edit.”

Students edit their own copy

Click on the Title

Click on the document title to launch the blank PowerPoint (or Word or Excel) to edit the document. Create your directions.

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