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Google Forms Basics in 7 Steps [infographic]

Google Forms Basics in 7 Steps

Here is how to quickly make a basic Google Form in 7 steps.

Link to Infographic

7 Steps to Creating a Google Form


    Start by going to and choose to “Start a new form.” The Form is created in Google Drive.
    start a new form in Google Forms
    Google Forms can also be created in Google Drive. Click on the NEW button in Google Drive and choosing Forms from the “More” menu expander.

  2. Title the Form

    By default, the form says “Untitled form.” Rename the title and then click in the upper left-hand corner to change the Form name to match.
    click in the upper left to match the form name

  3. Create Questions

    There is a floating toolbar to the right of where you build questions that allows you to add additional questions. Click on the plus icon at the top of the toolbar to add additional questions.
    floating toolbar

  4. Responses Tab

    The responses tab collects a summary of the responses when the form is filled out.
    responses tab

  5. Create a Spreadsheet

    On the Responses tab is a green spreadsheet icon. Click on this icon to create a spreadsheet where a copy of the form data is stored. This makes it easy to see all responses at once and to sort the responses by question.
    create a spreadsheet

  6. Preview Form

    There is an icon of an eyeball at the top that will allow you to preview the form. Click on the eyeball icon and if you are using the Google Form for a quiz, answer the quiz before the students fill it out to function as an answer key.
    preview icon is an eyeball

  7. Share the URL

    The URL on the preview screen is the URL to share so others can fill out the form. Highlight the URL at the top of the preview page and copy the link. Alternatively, you can click on the “Send” button on the edit screen to obtain the link to the form to allow others to fill it out.
    The end of the URL should say “viewform” instead of “edit.”


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